• Where is Dombai?

    Olga Reznik
    Olga Reznik
    August 2, 2012
    Where is Dombai?

    “Old flags of parting were hung out by old Dombay,” a famous bard, journalist, film actor, writer, screenwriter and poet Yuri Vizbor sang in one of his songs. He did not hide his admiration for Dombai and it was no coincidence that in the same song, on behalf of his friends, he admitted: “We will forever keep this land in our heart”.

    Where is Dombai and why is it so fascinating this amazing place? Let's just say: Dombai is in Russia. A more accurate address: the North Caucasus, the mountainous territory of Karachay-Cherkessia, which is located in the basin of the Kuban. Dombay (translated from Karachayevsky - "bison") - is a ski town of urban type.

    The most beautiful place of Dombay (and Dombay in terms of the picturesqueness of the surroundings is considered to be perhaps the first, even among world-class ski resorts) is Dombay Glade. It is formed by three gorges: Amanauz, Dombay-Alibek and Dombay-Yulgen.

    By the way, the mountain peaks of Dombai in the south are nothing else than the main Caucasian ridge. And the highest of them is the already mentioned Dombai-Yolgen or Dombai-Ulgen (height - 4046 meters).

    If there is paradise in the world, this is fabulous Dombay! Dombai is truly a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. Therefore, it is not surprising that sports and recreation centers and health centers are concentrated in Dombay. There are hotels, cafes, ski lifts, ski slopes. And all this is surrounded by the beauties of the mountains, who, according to the keen observation of poets, teach courage, and therefore, contribute to the formation of the character of real men.

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