• Where is Israel?

    Anna Bazarova
    Anna Bazarova
    April 8, 2015
    Where is Israel?

    On the map


    Israel is one of the most ancient states of the world with a long history. Year-round tourists from all over the world come to Israel: someone to immerse themselves in history and enjoy the ancient culture and architecture of the Hebrew state, and someone to improve their health in the healing spaces of the Dead Sea.

    Let's find out where Israel is on the world map.

    The geographical location of Israel

    The Israeli state (the modern name in Hebrew is Medinat Israel) is located in southwest Asia, in a region called the Middle East. The Middle East is today considered the most significant oil producing region in the world.

    Approximate area of ​​the state - 20.7 thousand km2. The capital is the city of Jerusalem.

    Israel is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. From the south it is washed by the Red Sea - the saltiest of the seas that make up the World Ocean.

    In fact, all the land borders of Israel are still conditional due to protracted wars with neighboring countries.Politically, they are determined only by the Blue Line and the Ceasefire Line. However, when viewed geographically, in the east, Israel is bordered by Jordan and the region of the west coast of the Jordan River. In the northeast is the border with Syria. In the southwest - the border with Egypt and the Gaza Strip (a territory that is separated from all the bordering areas with a special "security fence"). Finally in the north of Israel is the border with Lebanon.

    The relief of the country is represented by geographical diversity: from the Negev desert in the south to the mountain ranges of Galilee and the Carmel in the north. Throughout Israel, a subtropical Mediterranean climate prevails. One of the main environmental problems of the state is aridity and lack of water resources.

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