• Where is more profitable to order the fence on the grave?

    Last year, I put monuments on the grave of my parents, but there was no money for everything else. Now I want to put a fence, a bench and a table. Tell me, where is the most profitable to order in Moscow?
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    Contact the agency Ritual Nord, where they will tell you which wall is better to choose, so that it fits well with the monument and does not stand out unnecessarily.
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    Oleg Fedorenko
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    And what cemetery do you have? I used to work in the field of funeral services and I can suggest some good private masters to whom we sent orders. But they all live in those areas where large cemeteries are located.
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    I can tell you that you can buy a fence on the grave, a bench and a table in the company of Memorial. Here is a link to the corresponding section of their site. I only advise you to think, is the table really really needed? Often you will sit there for a long time? Maybe it's enough to put a bench?
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    Hey. I also want to order a monument.

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