• Where to buy a bike in Moscow?

    Professionals of cycling assure: the choice of a bike is also not easy, as the choice of a car. It is necessary to approach the question very, very carefully. Among the huge variety of manufacturers of truly high-quality brands quite a bit. And no matter how it was in most cases, the assembly of models is still Chinese. Nevertheless, bicycles that will serve a good service, too much. The main thing is to decide on the choice of brand and store with worthy consultants.

    We will tell you where to buy a bike in Moscow, and not lose money with the purchase.

    Shop "Velosayt." Addresses in Moscow:

    • Ogorodny passage, house 20;
    • st. Olkhovskaya, house 16;

    One of the most popular shops among cyclists. By the way, the consultants are there to assure customers that everything is in order: they will tell about the models, advise the most optimal option - in general, the buyers, judging by the comments on the forums, are satisfied.

    Assortment: This is a specialized store, so the choice of models is very wide.For example, among well-known brands are: TREK, Montego, Montagua, Stark, Orbea, Commencal, Felt and others. The choice of model models is also very wide. Variants for all clients are presented: there are professional models, children's bicycles in Moscow, and women's and mountain bikes - in general, the eyes diverge. Internet address:.

    Related products: In addition to bicycles in the shops "Velosayt" presented more accessories and spare parts for two-wheeled transport.

    Promotions and discounts: The site of the store has all the necessary information about the "discount" product: brands and photos of models. But in general, you can save on buying at least a thousand rubles.

    "Bikeson". Addresses in Moscow:

    • Schelkovskoe highway d.3 (metro station Cherkizovskaya), SC "GlobusExtream"
    • Kutuzov Avenue House 43 (Kutuzovskaya metro station)

    Also very popular among customers bike shop in Moscow. The creators of the salon positioning themselves as innovators in the market. Each store is a boutique, focused on a particular brand. Especially convenient for lovers of a particular brand. For their customers, management promises not only assistance in selecting and setting up, but also further maintenance of the bike.

    Assortment: CUBE, KONA, GIANT, KROSS, MERIDA, ELEMENT.Internet address:.

    Accompanying goods: “Bayksalon” offers a separate boutique with cycle accessories for customers.

    Promotions and discounts: Each brand has its own system of discounts here. Basically, prices are reduced on goods last year. For example, on the Cube model, the price reduction reaches 15%, on the Merida - up to 20%, and on the Element - right up to 45%.

    So, choosing the model you need, you can buy very inexpensive bikes in Moscow.

    Of course, this is not all representatives of the bicycle market in the capital. There are, for example, still multisports,. In addition, in addition to retail outlets, there is an online bicycle shop in Moscow that is very popular among sports fans.

    And finally, some tips on buying bikes from professionals: keep in mind that models from previous seasons always come with a discount. And if you can wait a little with the purchase, it is much cheaper to order bicycles through the online stores of St. Petersburg. Even with the delivery condition, the savings will be at least 3 thousand rubles.

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