• Where to buy a fur coat?

    Nowadays, however, as before, it is difficult to find a woman who would refuse to wear natural fur. We all love beautiful high-quality coats. And in order to buy such a thing pleased us, and not disappoint, you need to know exactly where to buy a fur coat.

    The most common places that are famous for good fur coats are Greece, Crete, Turkey, Italy, Dubai, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Let's see exactly where you need to go in order to purchase excellent fur and what exactly these specialty stores offer us.


    Mouzenidis Travel is a tour operator who ensures that you can profitably buy a fur coat. For this purpose, tourist programs were created - fur-tours. You can visit fur trade fairs and at the same time relax on the magnificent Aegean coast. So, you know the best fur coats in Greece. Where exactly they are, we will tell you now.

    In Kastoria there is an exhibition complex called Edik. It is famous all over the world for quality furs from more than a thousand different manufacturers.These coats have an elegant modern design and a huge selection, so that here any woman can choose for herself what your heart desires.

    The city of Kastoria has long been called the "kingdom of furs", it is a real center for the production of fur coats. In the city, you can spend an unforgettable vacation and make a fairly profitable shopping, because the most famous shops and factories of fur coats are located here!

    Arriving in this place, you stop thinking where you can buy a fur coat. You will see that this good enough at every step. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that not only you came here for the fur, but also world-famous stars who know for sure exactly where it is better to buy such expensive things.

    In addition to the fact that you can find a product that combines age-old traditions and modern technologies of manufacture, you have the opportunity to buy goods for your business.

    Prices in Greece are simply encouraging. You can buy an excellent mink coat for only 2,300 euros, a fur coat from astrakhan fur - for 1,500 euros, from a beaver - for 3,000 euros, a short fur coat made of a seal - for 1,000 euros. The choice is so large that the eyes run.


    Have a good rest, and even buy a great coat on Crete is more than realistic.Only it is necessary to understand the fact that the more popular the town, the more expensive the products it sells. For example, in Heraklion or Agios Nikolaos, prices for fur coats increase by at least 1,000 - 2,000 euros. If you decide to hire a guide who will help you in choosing, he will no doubt take you to the most expensive shop.

    For economical women there is a series of stores TAX-FREE. After you make your purchase, you will be returned as much as 19% of its value. You will receive your money directly at the store or at the Duty Free cashier’s office.

    We advise you to bargain with the seller, buying such an expensive product. Do not doubt that so you can save a tidy sum.


    Other countries are also famous for their fur coats. An excellent solution would be to go for the "fur beauty" in the resort town of Dubai.

    Where to buy a fur coat in Dubai? There are several very large centers for the sale of fur products. They are all close to each other, so you don’t have to go far. Just visit NASSER SQUARE and you will immediately see where you need to go. So, the best centers:

    • Al Owais Business Tower.
    • Abraj Center.
    • Deira Tower.
    • Gargash Center.
    • "Planet Furs".

    The main thing is not in a hurry to buy immediately. Choose carefully, because a fur coat is not a cheap pleasure.And the choice in these stores is so large that there is a great desire to buy everything at once.

    The cheapest products in Dubai are Chinese. Remember, if the cost of a fur coat is less than $ 1,000, then something is wrong here. The price depends on the length, color, quality, etc. Models last year are cheaper. The southern seal can be bought for $ 1,100, and the mink - for $ 1,700.


    China is famous for its inexpensive things. There are quality, good things here, but choosing them is worth more. The thing is that sellers will try to immediately sell you what they want to get rid of as soon as possible. Be careful! There are situations when a woman does not give the product that she chose. Keep track of the goods that you pack!

    Despite all this, China is becoming more competitive in the production of fur coats. If you choose the right coat and will be serious about the process of the purchase, you will not regret your choice.

    Where in China to buy a fur coat? There are, of course, specialty stores, but more choice in the indoor markets, where the stalls with fur things are arranged in a row.


    Now let's talk about where to buy a fur coat in Moscow. In the capital, the choice is also very large.Most popular shops:

    • Russian fur.
    • The Golden Fleece.
    • Aleph.
    • Rumit
    • Mouton mink.
    • Shubkin house.

    The salon under the name "Russian fur" is in the greatest demand. Here and the price is not too high and the quality is excellent. The average price for a mink coat is 90,000 - 120,000 rubles. Cheapest coats - 59 900 rubles.

    St. Petersburg

    An excellent solution is to buy a fur coat in the salons of St. Petersburg. Popularity enjoys the line of stores "Fur Mouth-Front." The factory of these salons is located on the bank of the Smolenka River on Vasilyevsky Island.


    Italy is famous for its boutiques and shops. As for fur coats, it is traditionally considered that it is better to buy them in Milan. But this applies only to those ladies who are ready to pay a very large amount for one thing.

    In fact, it is more profitable to buy an Italian fur coat from its manufacturers. Want to save 30% or even 40%? Go to the factory, where you will find a wide selection at a reasonable price.

    The best factories are in Verona, Rimini and Bologna. He provides his clients with a program to visit the demonstration halls, so you will get the pleasure of getting acquainted with the chic furs.


    Buying a fur coat in the capital of Ukraine, you should pay attention to these stores:

    • "Fur Catherine." This company was established in 1994. It is Russian and was created on the basis of the country's oldest fur enterprise.
    • Salon Due Fratelli.
    • "Ukrainian fur".
    • Boutique Nijole.
    • "Empire fur Mila."
    • "Neri Karra".

    To purchase the product at an inexpensive price, you can visit the “Fur World”. These are production factories and workshops. They create real masterpieces and classic models. Fur coats are not sewn here “with a margin”, and therefore you will not be able to buy a model of the past season at low prices. Yet you will receive a discount, which will give you the manufacturer.

    Many women buy a fur coat for almost a lifetime. Each of us is very serious about this purchase. And so you should not run to the first store in the city and grab the model you liked at first glance. If you do not want, subsequently, to be disappointed strongly, study in detail all the information about each recommended store, preferably in different countries.

    Knowing where cheap fur coats will be is not enough. The product, first of all, must be of high quality! Only in this way you will be able to enjoy your purchase for many years, without freezing in the winter and looking elegant at the same time.

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