• Where to find a job without special skills?

    I have not been able to find work for several months. Tell me where in St. Petersburg you can find a job without special skills? There is a car, the rights of category B and C. I drive well.
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    Aleksey Vysochin
    ������������Aleksey Vysochin
    ������������Answered on July 27 16:39
    And why do not you try to work in a taxi? I�m not talking about private transportation, but about the taxi service. I recently searched the Internet for a friend for information about connecting to work in a taxi. If you have not found a job, try, why sit
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    Oleg Fedorenko
    ������������Oleg Fedorenko
    ������������Answered on May 4, 14:18
    Looked at jobb and superjob? There are a lot of different options. Maybe you have some excessive wage requirements? In St. Petersburg is not so difficult to find something.
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    Oksana Ratnikova
    ������������Oksana Ratnikova
    ������������Answered on May 4 14:51
    My MCH went and got on the labor exchange. There he was sent to refresher courses. And after they finished, they picked up a good place. Works there still.
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    So it's easiest for you to find a job as a driver. If the machine is. You can read here about the work in Yandex taxi. In general, if in St. Petersburg you cannot get a job for a long time, then start thinking that something is wrong with you. Or, as mentioned above, inflated demands. Or something wrong with the documents.
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    Natalia Kozachok
    ������������Natalia Kozachok
    ������������Answered on July 27, 16:31
    Now it�s really hard to find a good job, even through friends. My brother has been looking for a job for several months already and to no avail.

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