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    Where to find ore?

    If you played Skyrim, you probably saw the blacksmithing skill among the various game skills. From the title it is clear that with the help of this knowledge a player can create his own armor and weapons. This skill will be incredibly useful, since some types of armor can not be bought in game stores and they very rarely come across random opponents. Such armor can only be created independently, and this requires the appropriate materials.

    Where to find materials to create your own weapons and armor?

    One of the easiest options is to buy (or steal) special bars from traders and blacksmiths. But it is much cheaper to smelt ingots by yourself. Where to find ore for smelting ingots is a separate topic.

    Ore veins can be found throughout the game world. Usually they are easy to detect because they stand out well from the overall texture of the rock. For the extraction of ore requires a special gaming tool - pick. If you have a pickaxe in your inventory, when you hover a game character on an ore vein, an action will appear - mining.Activate the extraction of ore and your character will begin to independently extract ore.

    The mined ore must be melted in a smelter. It can be found in the forges, along with other tools for the production of armor and weapons. Depleted ore veins are restored over time, but this requires at least a month of game time, rare ores are restored even longer.

    But before you get down to business, you must find the ore veins themselves. Here is a list of places where you can find this or that ore.

    Iron ore

    • oreEmbershard Mine
    • Semilunary Mill
    • Left Hand Mine
    • Fort Fellhammer
    • Rockwell mine
    • Frost Stream Camp
    • North Wind Mine
    • Iron Bricker Mine
    • Saartal
    • Whistle Mine
    • Sareti Farm
    • Girmund Hall
    • Swindler's Lair
    • Grotto of the Gray Water
    • Redut of the Red Eagle

    Corundum ore

    • Transition Darkwater
    • Pine Cave Cave
    • Sanctuary Alderglim
    • Dell's Broken Helmet
    • Frost Stream Camp
    • 20-30 meters north of the Battle Bourne Farm
    • Snake Stone
    • Abandoned Cave

    Mercury ore

    • Stone Tower
    • Mercury Mine
    • Alftand
    • Lost Echo Cave
    • Southwest from the Simmer the Cave

    Ebonite ore

    • Redbelli Mine
    • Mzulft
    • Shore Stone
    • Mine Glombound
    • Throat of the World

    Orihalkovaya ore

    • Bilgulch Mine
    • Mine Glumbayund

    Silver ore

    • Throne Bloodlet
    • Markart (there is a mine in the town where silver is mined)
    • Near the Stendarra Lighthouse
    • Crypt Frostmer
    • Cartwasten
    • Raldbthar

    Gold Ore

    • Mine Kolskaggr
    • Forgotten Mine.
    • Graywater Grotto
    • Saartal
    • Waltheim Towers
    • North of Fellglow Kip
    • Fort Neugrad

    Malachite Ore

    • Throat of the World
    • Steamcore Mine

    The remaining conductors can be found between the locations. Mostly they are in a mountainous area, among huge boulders. Such random veins are found throughout the game world.

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