• Where can I fish?

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    Where can I fish?

    A favorite sport and recreation (and at the same time) for the average resident in the opinion of Russian sociological scientists is still fishing. But in order to be successful, you must follow some simple rules of fishing. We will try to tell you about where, when and how you can fish, in what bodies of water to do it most effectively, in this article.

    Where to catch

    Fish can be caught wherever it is found. The sea, the river, the lake, the artificial pond — yes, almost any body of water can be filled with fish. You can learn about it empirically, making exploration trial fishing. It would not be superfluous to listen to the stories of local residents and fishermen: what kinds of fish are usually caught here, what they bite at, what tackles are best for fishing. Accordingly, keep in mind that in the lake you can catch lake fish (crucian carp, carp, carp, burbot), in the river - river, and in the sea - sea. Do not try to catch bream in the sea, and trout in the pond. However, of course, there are species of fish that live in almost all water bodies (for example, perch). About where the fish is caught, read the article Where is caught fish.

    When to catch

    Fishing is divided by season: winter, spring, summer and autumn. For each of these periods, there are specific features and nuances: methods of catching, bait, and places of fishing.

    In winter

    In winter, fish activity is highly dependent on water temperature. Choose silicone baits and a short fishing pole for ice fishing (by the way, the ice should be at least 10 centimeters thick so that you do not fall for fishing). Winter fish goes well on a mormyshka, on a bloodworm, a thin worm. Drill holes at least five meters apart. Take with you fishing gear with which you can get out of the water, in case of breaking the ice: a rope, a small hook. This will ensure you safety on ice. To learn how to fish in the winter, see the article How and when to fish.

    In the spring

    Spring - the period of spawning. It is not recommended (and even forbidden) to fish at this time: April - mid-May. But after spawning, the angler’s favorite time is fish zhir. This period is considered the best for biting predators, grasping exhausted spawning fish.

    In summer

    In summer, the fish chooses the most favorable places for feeding.Many species of fish do not tolerate heat. Well done fishing at dawn and late in the evening. You can try the night fishing mode.

    In the autumn

    In autumn, from about October, the zhor begins for the fish. At this time, it is good to catch most species of predatory fish. To learn how to catch spinning, read the article How to fish.

    What kind of fish to catch

    1. Crucian - rather imprudent fish, sometimes even considered weedy. It is caught well all year round. Keeps flocks, digging in the mud near the undergrowth. Large individuals in the evening out in shallow water. The carp goes well on a worm, pearl barley, semolina or bread, rolled up like maggots. Carp is usually caught on the usual float or bottom fishing pole.
    2. Perch, like crucian, lives almost everywhere. Keeps flocks, hunting small fish, fry. Zhor perch begins in the fall and does not stop until the cold. The perch is well caught on silicone baits, on a worm, on live bait. This fish is usually used for spinning, the usual float fishing rod.
    3. Pike can be caught on spinning and in the wiring: on the trolling, on live bait, on a jig or wobbler. It is caught well in the fall, during zhora, or in late spring.

    These are just some species of fish that live in different reservoirs.

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