• Where to get a job?

    In his life, almost everyone faced the problem of finding a new job. For some, solving a task where to get a job doesn’t cause any particular difficulties, but there are people who not only cannot get a job for a long time, but also fall into depressive states, which affects the results of interviews in a far from the best way.

    You can begin your job search in the traditional way for many people, namely, by visiting websites with information about hot vacancies and searching for information in newspapers and social networks. Consider the job search in more detail.

    Where to look for offers

    Most large companies do not give advertisements for periodicals. They use specialized sites or recruitment agencies. Therefore, find such resources on the Internet, sort vacancies in your region, save the addresses of organizations whose vacancies you like and send your resume. Also contact the recruitment agencies in your city.If you have a specialty that is in demand in the labor market, employees of the employment agency will be interested in your quick employment, because they receive a remuneration from the employer.

    If you are interested in obtaining a job in a particular company, then you should refer to the online resource in the appropriate section and familiarize yourself with job opportunities. It is quite possible that you are lucky, and the company at the moment will need an employee of your profession.

    After sending your CV to the selected addresses, you should call the employees of the organizations and make sure that they are received. Most likely, your call will be answered by an HR-manager (personnel officer), who in large and medium-sized organizations is engaged in staff recruitment.

    Work with education

    Of course, having a higher education gives the candidate a better chance of employment. However, it should be borne in mind that many companies are looking for employees with specialized education: legal, engineering, economic, etc. An important role can play a specialty. At the same time, there are cases when a person graduating from a university goes to work in a field that is not related to his specialty.For example, many journalists took their place as engineers or lawyers. Still, the desire to work and the desire to do your favorite business may be more important than having the appropriate education.

    However, the importance of having a higher education is difficult to overestimate. Without it, candidate resumes will be considered reluctantly. Therefore, the presence of education, at least medium-special, is not superfluous even if the candidate has extensive work experience.

    Work without education

    Many cases are known, as people with incomplete higher education and even without higher education reached considerable heights. This is due to the fact that the person concentrated on work, and also proceeded from theory to practice immediately. That is why many people are able to learn much more about the specifics of their profession, and also study it from the inside than cadres who receive education and often have a wrong idea even about the basics of a future profession.

    And yet, education is now given considerable importance. There are not many places where you can get a job without him. Therefore, if there is no opportunity to study full-time, then you can enroll in the correspondence department and combine work with study.Many successful people do this, and by the time a diploma is obtained, such a person has experience and a document confirming his education.

    In addition, many people need education to “learn to learn.” That is often said in universities. And these are not empty words, because people by nature have different abilities to learn. Someone they are better, someone worse. Remember that education is from the word formed. A student in Latin means "studying independently." After university it is quite possible to study only on your own and rely only on yourself and the skills you have gained.


    Experience is the key factor that is paid attention to during the interview. This is due to the fact that if a candidate knows his work from the inside, has a wealth of experience, he will be able to bring positive results to his company with a greater likelihood than someone who has no experience. Do not confuse experience and experience as a concept. Experience is the period of time that a person spent in a particular position. Experience is more than that. That is why an interview is such an important stage in the selection of a candidate.

    Ways to find a job

    People often wonder what kind of job they can get in connection with a lack or lack of experience. It is important to understand three points:

    1. If you do not know what to choose - choose the most suitable for you.
    2. Do not be afraid to try and learn.
    3. Do not forget about related professions.

    If you are faced with the fact that your profession has ceased to be as demanded as it used to be, do not be afraid to master the related profession. After all, now, no profession is isolated - all are connected within the same sphere of life.

    Remember that in world practice, an employer is looking for new personnel, often not through labor exchanges, but through acquaintances. So do not hesitate to call your friends, buddies and third parties, it is quite possible that you will find yourself a new workplace very quickly. What you do not know - learn. People spend money and time on continuing education each year, so training is not a problem, but a kind of norm.

    At the same time, do not forget to send out a resume and call the organization. If you find a job for yourself, then you have the right to refuse other offers, even if you left the application yourself.

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