• Where to give baby things?

    Evgeny Fogov
    Evgeny Fogov
    February 27, 2013
    Where to give baby things?

    Quite often, young parents have a situation where they do not know where to put children's things, which are almost in perfect condition, but due to the fact that children grow rapidly, things are no longer suitable for wear. Options where you can give children's things can be several.

    Carry to church

    This is perhaps the most affordable way to get rid of children's things that can not be worn due to the fact that they are small. By giving things to a church parish, you will do a good deed, which will undoubtedly be a saving thread for someone. The fact is that many people come to church for things. For one reason or another, they cannot buy things for their own children, and the reason is not even that they do not want to work. After all, different life situations happen, it is possible that there was a fire, and all things burned down, and there are no acquaintances who would help and give away children's things.

    Find information online

    If you do not know where you can give children's things, look at the sites where targeted help announcements are posted.For example, people who need not only money for the treatment of their child, but also things place their ads. Although, of course, there are more advertisements regarding cash aid. You can find other similar resources. The most important thing is that your help should be delivered to the address and specifically to the child who needs children's things and shoes.

    Give to the orphanage

    If you know that in your area there is an orphanage that calls for help and asks for things for its pupils, then, of course, you can take things there. Many volunteers in the regions hold special actions to collect things for orphanages or for large families who need outside help. Therefore, you can use this method and transfer things to an orphanage.

    Give to friends

    When deciding where to hand over children's things, do not forget about your friends. Perhaps among your relatives or friends there are people who more than anyone else needs your help. Give things to their children. So you will know that your child’s things came to the address, and not someone else used them because of his material condition and does not need help at all.

    To advertise

    Every city has free newspaper ads.Submit your note that you want to give children's things for free, it is not difficult, especially since you do not need to pay anything for such an ad. A family that will need children's things or objects intended for the care of a child, toys for children will come to your home and take things with pleasure.

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