• Where to go by car?

    Often, people who love traveling and freedom of action, prefer travel by car. In this article, we give a few ideas about where to go by car.


    A favorite destination for auto travelers from Russia is Europe. Traveling by car in Europe is a pleasure: a highly developed system of roads, ease of crossing the border in the Schengen zone, excellent roads that Russia cannot boast. Compared with Russia, short distances. Sometimes, moving from the region of Russia to the region is much more difficult than stopping the border between two EU countries, at some traffic police post. And, of course, Europe is famous for its unusual Russian view of cities with a long history. For the exotic you can go by car to Asia, where the places are no less beautiful and also unusual.

    Autotravel homeland

    However, there is where to go to relax by car in Russia. An unforgettable trip can be for you to travel around the Golden Ring (Moscow, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Vladimir and Kostroma regions). There are many national parks in Russia, there are many beautiful places, mountains, lakes and seas.Each region or region has its own interesting places, sometimes even mystical ones, start your autotravel from your native places.

    Often the question arises: where to go in the winter by car, because in the winter to travel by car is much more difficult than in the summer, in addition, the weather can give various unpleasant surprises. But you can not refuse from winter travel, because winter landscapes and cities are no less beautiful than in other seasons. In winter you can go to the ski resorts. And take an active rest, plenty of skiing, snowboarding, “cheesecakes”. Destination can be, both in Russia (for example, Dombay, Ural), and abroad (Alps, Lapland).

    Where to go by car: tips

    • While plotting the travel route, use the planning sites with the help of which you will be able to find out the mileage of the track, some even have a function to calculate the consumption of gasoline, toll roads. Calculate various options: saving money, time, gas mileage, and so on.
    • When planning routes, remember ferries, with the help of them you can overcome decent distances using a shorter way - by water, while you will not need to go around bays and lakes, for example, Finland - Germany, or to cross from the mainland to the mainland, for example, Spain - Morocco.
    • If the mileage on your chosen route is too large for your vacation, but the desire to visit new places is great, you can consider a combined vacation: air flight, train, car. In this case, you need to choose a starting point for the rally, get to it by train or plane. The downside to this option is that the car will have to be rented, and these are additional expenses. Plus, it would be better to make a circular route, with a return to the point where you took the car (this type of rent is cheaper than returning the car in another city).
    • Before planning a trip to another country, make sure that the rights of your sample are international and valid abroad.
    • Before the trip, study the requirements for the car (winter tires, prohibited equipment, special requirements for first-aid kits, vests and so on).
    • Study the rules for paying for toll roads in the destination country, as in some countries, vignettes are required to travel on roads (for example, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and others).

    Now you have a few ideas where you can go by car, and remember that there are no borders for traveling by car.Your only limit will be the trip budget.

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