• Where to go for a walk?

    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    August 3, 2012
    Where to go for a walk?

    After a busy day everyone wants to relax and escape from everyday problems and concerns. Someone likes to lie on the sofa by the TV, but a walk will still be more useful. Walking on foot is very good for health. Where can I go for a walk, where to direct their feet? If you decide to stay in proud loneliness and escape from the noise and human rush, go to the river bank, a walk at the pond will refresh your thoughts, besides the contemplation of the water has a relaxing and soothing effect, and the fresh air invigorates well. Admire the picturesque landscapes of the surrounding nature, distract from the noise of cars and people's conversations, if you wish, capture the player with your favorite music according to your mood.

    Walk with a girl

    Young people are often tormented by the question of where to go for a walk with a girl. If a walk in the city park seems banal to you, go to the amusement park and entertainment, take a dip in childhood, ride on the carousel,the sea of ​​contented and smiling people around will make your walk pleasant and give you a great mood. An amusement park is a great place to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere.

    If extreme walks are not for you, you can choose other options where to go for a walk. For example, go to the forest, explore new places, pick mushrooms or flower arrangements, and you can look for interesting plants for herbarium. Walking through the forest is very good for health, but we must not forget about safety. Stock up on mosquito repellents, headgear, and after a walk, examine yourself for ticks.

    Reflecting on where to go for a walk, guys often forget how much they love the weaker sex of a walk to the shops. It is not necessary to make large purchases, a rather small goal, shopping will do its job.

    Walk with baby

    If you are a parent and are concerned about where to go for a walk with your child, here you will find some useful tips. When the daily games at the playgrounds and parks of your baby become boring, go for a walk to the zoo. It will be interesting to the child, besides this walk is very informative, the baby will see animals, which he had previously seen in the pictures of color books.

    Well, when there is a pond nearby, go for a walk to the pond, communication with nature is very useful for children. Take some bread with you, feed the ducks.

    If there are no reservoirs nearby, you can go for a walk to the fountains, children love to feed pigeons with seeds and watch the birds swimming in the water. While walking, show the child the most important places: kindergarten, school, this will allow him to navigate in the city over time. Grab a camera for a walk to capture the most interesting moments.

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