• Where to go on holidays?

    We always look forward to the holidays, but in most cases we spend them not as fun and interesting as we would like. Often it seems to us that we have already studied our city far and wide, there are simply no more interesting and unexplored places left, and a full day trip to another city or country with 3-4 days of holidays, of course, is not enough. However, these thoughts do not always correspond to reality. We present you an idea of ​​where to go on holidays and have a wonderful time.

    Change location

    The best rest is a change of scenery, and the more radical it changes, the more chances you have to miss working, well, and the most radical change of scenery is definitely a trip to another country. And because the first option - a travel agency! But does it make sense to arrange visas, choose a tour, collect things, if there are only 3 holidays measured, you ask?

    Of course, a trip for 3 days to Europe is not a good idea, there are so many sights there that only an appetite will appear, and it’s time to leave. But a trip to Egypt or Turkey is a good option.Today, the sites of tour operators can be found 2-3-day tours, designed just for those who do not like to stay at home on holidays. Well, then, if you are an active person, more than 3 days of lying on the beach and unlimited food under the All Inclusive program will be more than enough for you.

    However, if it seems to you that 3 days to study any country is still not enough, to study most of the cities of our Motherland there are definitely enough of them. Next to any city in Russia, you can find a large "neighbor" in 3-6 hours, and even if it is not Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can find something unusual and unique in each city.

    Cultural education

    However, if you still cannot find the possibility of a cardinal change of location, you will have to look for something new in your hometown. Say - "We have already seen everything here!". Do not believe it! Have you really watched all the performances and visited all the exhibitions and art spaces? Unfortunately, few of us follow the cultural life of the city, our rest is usually limited to gatherings in cafes and going to the cinema. Take a look at the city poster - we guarantee you will be surprised!

    I've never before ...

    What about entertainment,how have you ever spent your leisure time before? Maybe you have never played paintball in your life? Do not go snowboarding? Have you managed never to skate in your life? Well! It's time to try! Entertainment depends on the time of year, of course, but as they say, nature has no bad weather. Winter? Go snowboarding! Autumn? Play paintball or laser tag! Spring? How about a salsa workshop? Summer? Try to resist water skiing!

    Go to friends

    If after reading all the proposed options, you sighed heavily and said: "In our city there is nothing of that," wait a minute. Yes, there are tiny cities in Russia, in which there are not even theaters and cinemas, and in this case the apartment of a friend is the only possible change of location. Well, here and go to your friends, just do not turn the meeting into banal gatherings with talking about anything - buy board games and arrange a real game marathon!

    Do not forget about loved ones

    Often, planning your vacation and thinking that we have nowhere to go, we forget about the most important thing.

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