• Where to hide the cheat sheet?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    August 12, 2011
    Where to hide the cheat sheet?

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    Where to hide the cheat sheet?

    Examinations, checklists, tests and checks are inevitable. Everyone faces challenges in one form or another in their lives. Today, let's talk about school and student problems. On the problems of storage space for cribs. So, where to hide the cheat sheet?

    Hide and seek for cheat sheets

    Maybe you can not imagine, but there are lots of places to hide the cheat sheet on the exam, this saving leaflet or a couple. Share your own experience. First of all, you need to know how to make a cheat sheet, so that it is adequate in size and convenient to use. You need to use square leaflets. A lot of information fits into them and they are very convenient to hide.

    • Wear comfortable clothes. It is best to hide the cheat sheet in your pocket, which will be under your comfortable hand. Under the hand that will not let you down at the right moment.
    • Well, if you fold the cheat sheet "accordion", so that the first bend is the front (with your text).Where can I hide a cheat sheet of this type? We can say that it is not necessary to hide it. Put it in your hand (in the opposite of the one you write) and thumb through the "harmonica" with your thumb. Just be careful, the hand with the cheat sheet should lie at ease, you can lean on it a little.
    • Cheat sheet can be hidden under the sleeve, gluing tape to the wrist (do it before the exam, because under the tape the text may blur over time).
    • If you walk in a jacket. Glue the cheat sheet from the side where the inner pocket is usually located.
    • Girls can hide a cheat sheet under very thin tights, under a skirt.

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