• Where to pay traffic police fines?

    Olga Lysenko
    Olga Lysenko
    January 29, 2013
    Where to pay traffic police fines?

    Probably not in our country, no motorists who would not have wondered where to pay the traffic police fines and how to do it. Once upon a time, the sadness of the very fact of receiving a fine was aggravated by the fact that it would be necessary to defend the kilometer queue during working hours to make a payment.

    Previously, having received a protocol and a receipt from the traffic police officer, you could apply to any bank and pay for it by filling in all the fields yourself or entrusting this matter to a cash operator. But now there is another answer to the question of where you can pay the traffic police fine.

    So, fines can be taken through the terminals of Sberbank; to make a payment, you need to know the order number or have a receipt in your hand. Although this method also has disadvantages, you save time, but not money, and if you deposit cash, you will not be given such a deposit. As one of the options, you can use a bank card for payment, then all funds will be written off strictly within the amount of the fine.

    In addition, if you have a bank card, then Internet Bank is also likely to be connected. Thus, knowing these receipts and payment details, which can be specified at, you can easily and quickly repay your fine with a couple of mouse clicks, even without leaving your home.

    Even if you do not have a card, but you have access to the Internet and an electronic wallet, you can still transfer funds to pay a fine, despite the fact that this is electronic money. The main thing is that the electronic payment system in which you have a wallet, supports payments in favor of the traffic police.

    When choosing any of the last two options, keep in mind that both the bank and the payment system may charge you a certain commission as a percentage of the transfer amount for conducting this operation.

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