• Holidays in November.

    Holidays in November.

    Where can you relax in November.



    November. Where can you relax in November? One of the most terrible months that takes place in Russia. Somewhere there is already a thick layer of snow and dank dampness reigns, supplemented by gusts of the harsh arctic wind. Somewhere else, it’s not so cold, but the torrential rains give way to a nasty little drizzle, turning the ground into a messy mess, after which you need to clean soiled shoes and pants for half an hour. It would be just amazing to break out of this cold, damp hell, casting hopeless depression and depression into human hearts, gray like the overcast November sky.


    Many travel agencies by this time are no longer engaged in their business, going on vacation. Many sincerely believe that November is a non-resort month, but few know that this is not so! Even in November - the most terrible month of the year - you can find your paradise where you can easily forget about the raw cold of your beloved homeland.


    Moreover, tourism in November will not cost you a pretty penny: in late autumn, the price of rest is much lower than in summer.This can be used by visiting one of the branches of paradise on earth: positive emotions that will help to survive the subsequent winter are guaranteed!


    Holidays in November.



    Holidays in November. If you like the warm climate and the endless sea with water that is warm as fresh milk, then you are open to the blank check. There are a lot of places where you can swim, dive and warm up.

    • For example, Thailand. The southeast of Eurasia is just going through the velvet season - in November on the coasts of Thailand the temperature does not reach thirty degrees, and the waters of the warmest ocean surely stay at around twenty-five. If you want, you can choose the major hotels of the tourist patriarchs of Thailand - Pattaya or Phuket: attentive animators, talkative guides and a rich program for tourists will fill your holiday with Asian romance and a sea of ​​impressions. But knowledgeable people go to Thailand, they say, "savages." Rent a nice cottage near the beach in the same Pattaya will cost you much less than a room in a fashionable hotel with a world name. You can create the program yourself, visiting a variety of places and perceiving information as you wish.And you can enjoy exotic cuisine at almost every step: mobile "chefs on wheels" will cook your chosen dish right in front of you, which will leave no doubt about the freshness and safety of eating local delicacies.
    • You can find a similar climate and almost the same beaches in Thailand’s closest neighbor, Myanmar. It was in this state that one of the parts of the famous Rambo story was filmed. There, in addition to the beaches and warm climate, you will find many monuments of ancient religion, Buddhist temples and a huge number of places preserved in the pristine beauty of nature itself. If you choose a trip to Myanmar, then you will encounter a much smaller number of tourists: Thailand is much more popular, so Myanmar is a resort for those who like silence, peace and creative solutions.
    • If you like diving, then in November you just need to visit the Great Barrier Reef! Buy an air ticket to Australia to put on scuba and dive into the purest ocean waters and watch the whale mating games, admire the millions of beautiful corals and enjoy the rich variety of underwater species.
    • Seychelles is just a paradise for November tourists. There will be very few people: the rainy season will soon begin there, but for now - it's warm, calm, and only the clear ocean waters roll lazily along the sandy shore.
    • For lovers of skiing, everything is much easier. Finland, Lapland, the Alps - everywhere you will find a good descent and pleasant snow skiing. Turkish Sarakamysh, a mountain resort in the country famous for its beaches, is also open to visitors. However, skiers do not have to travel from Russia either - there are beautiful ski slopes near Murmansk.


    The list has been given to you, and it’s up to you to decide where to go in November. In any case, the rest will be unforgettable and enjoyable! The main thing is to take care of your passport and travel visa in advance, if this is required by the established procedure for tourists to enter the territory of other countries.

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