• Whether to buy the slow cooker

    Buy Is the Multicooker?

    Here I want, probably, I still can�t exactly decide, the slow cooker. Very many acquaintances praise her, and on TV very much advertise. So I thought about her purchase. Give advice is it worth it to buy?
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    Mr arrogance
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    It is faster to cook, it is true. but, for example, I do not like to cook soup in it, because all the scum remains, and I usually take it off the pan. if time saving is fundamental for you, then buy!
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    Yes, take but only quality, and with a large ceramic bowl and so that there are more functions. We have been at home for 2 years Redmond 90. I cook all the food in it, there is a Multipov in it. And also a book with recipes and a delayed start for cooking cereals for breakfast is very convenient)
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    Yes, the Redmond are good. And to the author - if you like to eat variously - buy!
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    ������������Answered on February 13, 2015 11:42
    In general, we only cook a rice cooker and simmer vegetables.So weigh up if you need it. If there is a lot of space in the kitchen, please.

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