• Is it a cat to castrate?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    March 20, 2013

    Getting a kitten many, just do not know that it will not always be cute, fluffy and funny. But when he matures, nature will take its toll, and the cat will go away at night to look for a cat, and since the apartment is its territory, it will mark it mercilessly. And this smell is unlikely to appeal to the owners and they will not tolerate such behavior for a long time, and sooner or later they will ask themselves the question that it is possible to castrate a cat? Conceived most people do not even have a general idea of ​​how this operation proceeds and what are its consequences for the animal? Therefore, castration is postponed for a later date, and meanwhile the ideal age for it is 9 months.

    Features of the cat's castration

    Castration of a cat is a planned operation, during which cats have sex glands, and as a result, their reproductive function and the production of male sex hormones are terminated. It can be held at any age, but the optimal age for its implementation is the beginning of puberty, namely, 9 months, when the cat is already strong enough, but has not yet had any mating.If you did not have time to castrate him before this period, then the question arises whether it is possible to castrate a cat at an older age, and how can this affect its behavior? If you castrate a cat at 9 months of age, then you will not know what is tagging of the territory and the screams under the window at night. But when the cat already had a 100% guarantee, it’s impossible to mark furniture and angles. But he will not be aggressive and will not stop yelling at night, and go in search of a cat. Many owners think that castration is fraught with risk, but it is no more than a risk when removing a tooth. It is worth knowing that castration belongs to the category of simple operations and does not affect the vital organs. A neutered cat lives much longer, living to a solid age, and while maintaining a playful and cheerful character, they are also much less likely to get sick. Many are wondering, is it possible to castrate the cat itself? Independently such an operation should not be carried out, since it requires sterility, and only a veterinarian can correctly carry out it.

    Cat care

    It should be noted that the cat does not require special care after castration.It will be necessary to support him after anesthesia, and surround him with attention and affection and make sure that he does not fall out of a chair or sofa. So that the cat subsequently does not have obesity and urolithiasis, you should constantly monitor its diet, namely, limit the fish to a minimum, and also not overfeed it and make sure that the pet consumes more fluids.

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