• Is there a flu shot?

    Despite the fact that from year to year the issue of influenza vaccination, the need for this procedure is actively discussed, the majority of citizens still have doubts. Doctors call for the fact that it is necessary to vaccinate the children's category of the population, as well as citizens who fall into the risk zone - these are the elderly, people who work because of their professional activities, with children. So anyway, do the flu vaccine?

    Do I need a flu vaccine?

    There is no unequivocal opinion regarding the feasibility of vaccinating the adult population against influenza. Although many companies do vaccinate their employees without fail. Recent studies in the field of influenza vaccination indicate that such a vaccine does not give any results at all, because almost every second vaccinated citizen picks up a flu infection. The only difference is that it is tolerated a little easier by the body, without causing extremely serious complications.

    At the same time, answering the question: whether to do a vaccine against influenza? It is necessary to take into account that the flu changes from year to year, it is not a disease that has been stable for many years. Thus, if last year the vaccine against a specific influenza virus was effective, it does not mean that it will be as effective this year. The problem is also that, having gotten the same flu after vaccination, the person for the next year will not do it again, because he sees no need for that.

    Contraindications for flu shots

    Vaccination is an invasion of a certain virus in the human body (in our case of the flu), but in a minute amount. It turns out that after the vaccine is introduced into the body, a person develops immunity against the virus. And what if the immunity is so weak that it is not able to withstand the minimum amount of virus administered during vaccination? This moment is the most frightening to citizens who, despite the entreaties and appeals of the medical profession, refuse it.

    Often enough, parents who advocate for vaccination against influenza are worried that teachers with whom their child constantly contacts are not being vaccinated, being potential carriers of the virus.But, is the teacher obliged to get a flu shot if he does not want it? Flu vaccine, however, like every vaccine, is not an obligation that a citizen of the Russian Federation can fulfill without question. In addition, among teachers there are many people who are simply contraindicated for flu shots. For example, if a teacher has an allergic reaction to one of the components of the vaccine, then it not only will not help him with the disease, but on the contrary, will cause even greater harm to his health. Therefore, it is unreasonable, at least, to oblige all, without exception, teachers to be vaccinated.

    You should not be vaccinated against influenza during the exacerbation of various chronic diseases. Inoculate, in this case, it is necessary only after two weeks after the onset of remission. If you do not know whether to vaccinate your child against flu, consider the age of the child (flu vaccine is not given to children who are not 6 months old), as well as the general condition of his body, both in general and at the time of vaccination.

    Who should get flu shots?

    Doctors recommend vaccinations for such categories of citizens:

    • Students and other categories of the population who have been in closed communities for a long time.
    • Employees of the educational system and medical institutions, commerce and transport, police and social workers.
    • Since a person's immunity decreases with age, it is desirable to vaccinate people who are over 60 years old.
    • Citizens who have chronic somatic diseases.

    But at the same time, is the flu vaccine safe for those categories of people who are recommended to do it? No medical professional can answer this question. The fact is that no doctor can predict the behavior of your body after vaccination, because the body is unpredictable in such situations.

    General recommendations

    If you have already decided that you need to be vaccinated against influenza, then you should consider the general recommendations. For example, many citizens are interested in such a moment as: is it possible to wet a flu shot? Experts say that within 24 hours after vaccination, it should not be wetted.

    No less important issue in vaccination is the one that concerns pregnant women.For example, is it necessary to give a flu vaccine to pregnant women or is it not necessary? First, some doctors insist on vaccination of a pregnant woman, but this does not mean that it should be done without fail. The fact is that during the pregnancy, a woman arrives and does not come in the best state of health - her body gets the hardest stress. Therefore, he is unlikely to like it and fight the virus that enters the body with vaccination.

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