• Giving a guy?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    February 18, 2013

    Love is the beginning of love. To love or not to love - completely depends on your personal choice. The main thing you need to understand is that no one person can just love. It is necessary to carefully work on your relationships, build them and invest a lot of work in them.

    Do you have sex with a guy

    Many young girls doubt whether to start a more serious relationship with a young man, whether to sleep with a guy. Of course, if you are confident not only in your feelings, but also in the feelings of your young man, then you can go to the next stage of development of your relationship and make them even more close. The main thing then do not regret it. You should not waste your time on different guys, you need to take care of yourself, love and appreciate. Remember that, despite your great love, most likely in the future you will still have other young people. And maybe even better than the one who at the moment seems to you the best and most beloved. It may be worth saving yourself for another man who will definitely appreciate that you are saving and appreciating yourself, he will also be sensitive to you and feel more responsible for you and your relationship.Therefore, whether to give a guy, every girl should decide for herself. Remember that you should not start a close relationship at an early age. If you want to bind a guy to yourself with such intimacy, then, unfortunately, you will fail. Young people perceive intimacy not as an indicator of feelings for each other, but as a moment for carnal satisfaction. Therefore, think carefully before you take such a serious step and get close to the guy. If he loves you, he will love without sex. If his feelings towards you are strong, he will surely understand you, and will respect your decision to postpone such a serious moment for a while.

    Does the guy do blowjob

    If you and your boyfriend have been having sex regularly for quite a long time, then the guy often starts asking the girl for a blowjob. Whether you agree or not, depends only on your desire. If you do not want to do this or are not ready, then you should just tell your young man directly. If he loves you, he will definitely understand. Do not be afraid or shy to express your opinion on this matter. Remember that sex should bring pleasure to both of you.

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