• Which air purifier to choose?

    How to choose an air purifier?

    In our time, we, alas, have very difficult living conditions, the atmosphere of the modern city is incredibly polluted and dusty, the state of the environment is terrible, and, practically, everyone has a passionate desire to leave the bustling city and arrange a rest from all the so-called delights of civilization . But, alas, not every citizen can afford to buy a cottage in a grove near a river, where the air is light, clean and free. So if this type of holiday is for you so far, which, alas, is too expensive, then start, at least from the smallest.



    If you change the industrial city to a clean suburb, where frosty freshness is in winter and the acacia blooms in summer, you will have to create an atmosphere inside your home or office to get the feeling that you are sitting far from busy traffic intersections and other objects damaging ecology.After all, everything you need has long been invented and quite actively used by man in his modern life. In this text, we would like to talk seriously about how to choose an air purifier, and how to use the selected device.



    Air purifiers with replaceable filters



    Note that the air purifier is far from a complex device that does not require any special skills from its owner to operate or maintain. Naturally, if you need a serious repair, you need to contact the experts. And if you just use it, even a child can do it. I hope you understand how to choose a hood from our previous article, so now we are going to the air purifier.



    The principle of the air cleaner is based on the flow of air, which through the fan passes through several types of filters, which are designed to purify the air of various kinds of impurities. A separate filter is able to cope with only one type of contamination, for example with mechanical ones (pet hair, dust mites, sand) - one filter can handle, with impurities in the form of gases, such as odors of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, smoke, another.For this very reason, air purifiers use 2-5 stage air purification to remove all kinds of air pollution. For example, a specific model can work in this way: first, air is run through a strainer to remove large contaminants, then it passes through the coal and photocatalytic filters.



    How to choose an air purifier?



    The saturation with which air enters the air purifier can be adjusted using manual switching and a control unit. There are also models that can independently and automatically adjust the rate of air supply, based on the degree of air pollution.



    At the moment, air purifiers with replaceable filters, produce a huge number of well-known and not very well-known manufacturers. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose a model from the widest range of models offered, depending on your needs and capabilities. The minimum price of an air purifier, as a rule, starts at $ 80 and is limited to $ 200. These are the simplest models. For models of the price category - 200 to 500 dollars there are a number of additional functions, such as ionization, humidification and they also have a control panel and a multistage system of air filters.Also, there are models, so to speak, of premium class, the price of which ranges from $ 500 to $ 1,000, these are just real climate systems that combine several devices in one device. They can function both separately and together at the same time.



    When choosing such devices as air purifiers, it is necessary to focus on the needs and financial capabilities of the future owner. However, do not forget to ask the seller what area will be able to serve a specific model of air purifier. This point should be clarified, as with the purchase of air cleaners with a replaceable filter, and with the purchase of another type of this device, which is called air washing.



    Air wash



    So, there are also such models of air purifiers, in which there are no replaceable filters, they are called air washers. For the purification of air, they use ordinary water. Of course, such devices have a more expensive price, however, besides the cleaning function itself, they still have such a function as air humidification. They have the following principle of operation: the air passes inside the device and passes through wet disks - cartridges.Such a device belongs to the type “2 in 1” and is considered the simplest: it removes dirt, pollen, and some allergens. In addition, such devices are able to humidify the air, so that humidity can rise up to 50-60 percent, and this is a comfortable indicator for humans. Know that if you need to clean the air with a high level of pollution, then stop your choice on the air cleaner running on replaceable filters. However, if there is also a need to increase the humidity in the room, then select a model at an affordable price that has an excellent set of useful functions.



    How to choose an air purifier?



    Air washers sell many well-known and not very famous brands. Among the many models of air washes you will have the opportunity to choose not just a conventional device, but also a model operating on the control panel, having a night mode, ionization function, and also the function of using silver particles.



    Types of filters



    The filter is the most important, the central link in the entire air purification device. Know that the degree of purification of ambient air depends on which filter is installed in the air cleaner, and therefore, the efficiency of the entire unit depends as well.



    We propose to consider in more detail the types of filters and the possibility of their use, which ones are better and which ones are still worse. It is proposed to begin our description with the coarsest types of filters that purify air from larger impurities of a mechanical type.



    The coarse filter is the most common mesh. Such a filter is able to retain such types of pollution, such as poplar fluff, sand, dust and pet hair. In addition to cleaning the air, the mesh can protect the device from contamination. As it gets dirty, the screen can be washed or purged, since such a filter is used repeatedly. For uninterrupted and efficient operation of the device, the grid is cleaned at least 2-3 times a month.



    The coal type of filters is designed to clean the air from foreign odors and various gas impurities in a large number of airborne. In this layer, as a filter, activated carbon is used, which is a very well-known substance for the removal of toxins. But coal can deal rather poorly with such modern pollution as, for example, nitrous oxide and other light compounds, quite characteristic of the urban atmosphere.Therefore, it is precisely carbon filters that cannot be used as main filters, but only as additional ones. All those impurities that fall into the coal, there accumulate, so that this type of filter changes regularly. There is a similar filter 30-40 dollars, its service life is from 3 months to 1 year.




    The filter-ionizer, the so-called electrostatic filter, is a filter for finer air purification. The air necessary for purification passes through a positively charged electrode, and particles of contaminants that pollute the air will adhere to the negative elements. This type of filter is designed for repeated use, so it is washed and installed again. But the electrostatic filter has a drawback - in the process of work, it releases gas ozone. And, despite the fact that this gas is curative and disinfectant, it is all so toxic. Therefore, it is impossible to allow large concentrations of this gas.



    Also in household air cleaners and cleaners in medical institutions, laboratories and other similar places, filters with the effect of highly efficient particle retention are used.Such filters are able to catch 98% of all kinds of substances, allergens, as well as able to trap contaminated particles whose dimensions are more than 0.3 microns. Such filters are disposable, they change once every 12 months, a similar filter costs about 30 dollars on average.



    The photocatalytic filter is a representative of the latest generation of filter elements for air cleaners. And at the moment it is such a filter that is considered the most efficient, but also the most expensive. The principle of operation of such a filter is based on the effect of the splitting of impurities that pass through the filter to safe components. In this case, UV radiation is applied. Such filters are designed to remove the smallest particles, whose size is 0.001 microns. Over time, the effectiveness of such filters is not reduced. Photocatalytic filters serve up to 6 years - this is the most durable type of filter available, and its price is about 80-120 dollars.



    Important additional functions of various air cleaners



    The first thing that should be noted is the rather low power that is consumed by the air purifier - and the maximum amount of power consumed by models in the middle price range will not exceed 50-60 W,Often this figure will not rise even higher than 20-35 watts. Thus, we conclude that this type of filter will be very economical.



    When operating air purifiers, the noise level is very low. It should also be noted that this indicator is very important, because such devices as air purifiers usually work around the clock, and at night the noise in the bedroom is very disturbing. Since the main noise can occur from the cooler air cleaner, the fan will switch to night mode at night, the speed will decrease, which means that the noise will decrease to a minimum. Models from most manufacturers producing noise at approx. 37 dB, and this is precisely the very value at which an ordinary person can sleep quite calmly, without being distracted by noise. It should also be noted that the degree of noise that an air purifier creates creates very strongly depends on the type of filters used in a particular model. Attention should be paid to the fact that to blow air through a HEPA filter, it is necessary to install a fan with more power and, therefore, more noisy.However, even in this case, according to manufacturers, the noise level will not exceed the specified rate. Nowadays, it is possible to choose even a model that creates noise in the “night mode” that does not exceed 16 dB.



    How to choose an air purifier?


    Now let's designate those types of functions, both basic and additional, that can help make the daily operation of air purifiers a pleasant addition to the purest air:



    - a timer that allows you to set the planned time for switching on or off the device;

    - the remote control is a very useful device, especially when the device is installed in a place that is very difficult to access for regular use;

    - pollution detector - such a device is available only in some models. Allows the use of an IR detector that is able to monitor the amount of contaminants that are present in the air. If the level of air pollution exceeds the value that was originally set, the air cleaner will be turned on automatically. In addition, you can specify the ability of the detector not only to turn on the device, but also to control it, reducing or increasing the speed of rotation of the cooler, thus regulating the operation of the device;

    - regulator of the rotation rate of the cooler is necessary to transfer the device to the next mode, for example, from night to day. A number of models make it possible to use such modes as “turbo”, “sleep” and some others.

    - display. Usually, the latest models of air cleaners have liquid crystal displays, which are designed to display information about the operating time of the unit, operating mode and other information;

    - various indicators - they can indicate additional information, such as information about the state of the ambient air or the degree of pollution of the filters. Such indicators are usually not available in conventional models of air cleaners, but in the so-called climate complexes belonging to the premium class;

    - aromatization - this function is available in different models, both budget and premium class. In this case, air purifiers are equipped with additional devices for flavoring. However, it often happens that, according to the instructions, you can independently add some flavors to the water, for example, in an air wash.



    Features of use



    Manufacturing air purifiers, manufacturers, advise their customers to carefully monitor the condition of the filters and regularly replace and clean them. It is also strongly recommended to replace the filter when an unpleasant odor occurs, even if the filter has not yet reached the end of its life. Remember, replacement and washing of filters should be done so more often than a larger number of impurities contains the surrounding air.



    To maintain indoor air in perfect cleanliness, it should be carefully monitored so that the device can process air at least once every 30 minutes.



    It is also necessary to remember that, nevertheless, not a single air cleaner, even the best and most expensive, will ever saturate with oxygen, so even when using air purifiers, it is recommended to ventilate the room.

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