• What birds are migratory?

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    What birds are migratory?

    Birds are wonderful creatures. They are warm-blooded creatures, with an average body temperature of 41 � C. In theory, they could perfectly survive the icy winter. But under the snow and ice food is almost impossible to find. Therefore, birds do not remain in their native places for the winter period. These fragile creatures have to fly south. The area where they fly away, is practically no different from their place of residence. In addition, the migration of birds is associated with breeding patterns. And yet, what birds are migratory?

    What birds are called migratory

    Russia boasts a fairly rich variety of birds. Each species is unique - some live in the forests, while others - near water bodies; some feed on grain, others feed on insects.

    With the onset of cold weather, migratory birds of Russia usually fly to Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia or Southern Europe.

    They regularly make seasonal movements between the places where they nest and wintering grounds. They can fly to both close and distant countries.Ornithologists have determined the average speed of flight: for small birds - this is about 30 km / h, and for large birds - 80 km / h. Along the way, the birds make several stops for rest and feeding. The larger the bird, the farther the distance. Since the little birds do not overpower long distances. Small-sized birds are able to fly continuously for 70-90 hours, while they are able to cover a distance of up to 4000 km.

    In central Russia, there are 58 species of migratory birds. Such as: finch, wagtail, thrush singing, chiffchaff, swallow, lapwing, forest horse, lark, black-headed bird, oriole, cuckoo, stork, nightingale and others.

    But there is something that unites them all - the desire to return, with the beginning of spring, back. As food and comfortable living conditions reappear. Birds will begin to delight us again with their singing and unique appearance.

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