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    Which laminate is better?

    Repair of your home and its arrangement is a very important thing. The house should be neat and fresh. Need to go back home. Of course, not only because first-class repairs were made there, but also because special people live there. But today we will not talk about the psychological characteristics of families, but about which laminate to choose for repair. Well, let's get started. So:

    Which laminate is better?

    Let's deal with the composition of the laminate, and then we will talk about which laminate firm is the best. What is its essence? Laminate is a product consisting of several layers. The topmost layer is a high-strength film that serves as protection from external influences. The film consists of melamine or acrylic resin. This layer determines the entire cost of the product as a whole, since the longevity of the laminate depends on its quality.

    The second layer is specially treated and impregnated paper or furniture foil. This layer is decorative and imitates various types of trees, relief and so on.

    Well, the main layer of laminate - a fiberboard (fibreboard). The plate has a very high degree of density, since it must comply with parameters such as resistance to moisture, the constancy of geometric shapes, strength and rigidity.

    The bottom layer of the laminate is a resin-impregnated paper that protects fiberboard from moisture and ensures the stability of the geometry of the entire plate.

    Which laminate is best to choose? There are two types of laminate. The first one is high pressure laminate. It consists of several layers of films, which are impregnated with high-strength resins. A protective aluminum oxide layer is applied to the film. It is this layer that is subjected to active external influence of the environment. The following is a decorative layer representing the exclusive design of your interior. Well, then the layers are responsible for the resistance of the coating to shocks. All layers are joined together by the high pressure of the press.

    The second type of laminate is a low pressure laminate. In this case, only one layer of high-strength film and decor is used. This layer is pressed during one stage with fiberboard.

    Based on the above information, let's think about what you need to pay attention to when buying a laminate as well as about the substrate under the laminate. Which is better? The first thing to choose is a type of laminate. High pressure laminate is more expensive than low pressure laminate. However, the first of them has more favorable characteristics. The first plus is the ecological coating. People with allergies will feel great in a room with this coating. A high degree of tolerance to external influences such as erasing, scratching, exposure to light, and so on can offer high pressure laminate. Low-pressure laminate meets the same requirements, however, the service life of this type of laminate is much less than that of his friend.

    Another item that you need to ask the seller to determine which laminate is the best is a test for abrasion. This test passes absolutely any collection, as it is provided, as a mandatory test for the product. What is this test about? The board is installed, a grinding wheel is put on top of it and they begin to spin it.As a rule, after several thousand or tens of thousands of circle turns, the upper layer of the board is erased completely. It is this characteristic (the number of erasure turns) that determines the quality of the laminate. Premium laminate is erased only after 20,000 revolutions. Laminate is the lowest grade after 6000. You must observe this characteristic in the description of the laminate. However, there is some subtlety. Many unscrupulous sellers seek to deceive the buyer. How do they do it? They do not indicate which indicator of erasure is taken as the main one. There is an indicator IP - the number of turns after which the first signs of wear appear. FP - 95% laminate wear. And the arithmetic average of these indicators AT. Many sellers indicate a more favorable characteristic, forgetting (specifically) to mark the corresponding indicator.

    Let's talk about the leaders in sales in the flooring market. Which firm laminate is better? Based on the data below, it will be possible to conclude which laminate is better to buy:

    • WITEX is a laminate manufacturer whose product is not afraid of water, and its installation is very simple.At the moment, this particular manufacturer is the leader in the Russian market.
    • Tarkett. This office has existed for over 100 years. Products of this manufacturer have proven to be reliable floors of various classes. High resistance to mechanical and chemical influences seasoned with insensitivity to moisture. Tarkett floors are a good choice for any room.
    • The Quick Step company creates its products using only high-quality and durable materials. If you do not want to change the laminate every year, then the Quick Step laminate is what you need.
    • One of the world leaders in the production of laminate is the German company Egger. Excellent design and exceptional quality are the main trump cards of the German company.

    We hope that the information you received will help you understand the variety of choices. Read also reviews on laminate. Which is better in the opinion of experienced people? Install the laminate slowly and carefully. Any business takes time, but in the case of repair, time may need a lot.

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