• Which router is better?

    It so happens that a person bought a router, brought it home, hooked up, set up, and then begins to suffer because of frequent connection breaks, low speed, packet loss and other things. As a rule, this happens because of an incorrectly selected router. Many people are surprised, but a too cheap router will not work well. This is almost from the category of fiction. But let's talk about everything in order. Now you will find out which router is better and how you should choose it, by what criteria and characteristics.

    Which is better to buy a router

    Below you will find those parameters and characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a router.


    The first thing to say: try not to save. Of course, today not every one of us can buy the best components and devices for ourselves. Nevertheless, try at least not to buy the cheapest routers. After all, as you know: the miser pays twice. Buy a cheap router, it will not satisfy you, and no one will return the money back. Have to buy more expensive. What a good router will be cheap? Many recommend not evenpay attention to routers that are cheaper than eighty-one hundred dollars.


    With the price figured out. Now let's talk about manufacturing companies. There can not be a unanimous opinion, because there are good models, like some, and other companies. However, you can give a general recommendation of such a plan: buy a router from a well-known company. Do not take into account the routers from unknown companies.


    Today, not all reviews on the Internet are honest. Very many of them paid, be sure of it. Nevertheless, it is not even superfluous to go to Yandex.Market, find the interesting model of the router there and read the reviews. In advance, be prepared for the fact that for any model they will be different, both positive and negative. But, in the general flow of thoughts and information, you can understand - a quality model or not.

    Characteristics of the router

    Finally, we come to this important aspect. To understand what kind of WiFi router better help you its characteristics. We recommend that you give your preference to routers with a minimum RAM of 32 megabytes. It is desirable that the processor was not weaker than 240 MHz, and flash memory should be at least eight gigabytes.Sellers do not always indicate such characteristics, so look for them on other sites in advance.

    Be sure to pay attention to what protocols are supported by one or another model of the router. Today, providers use different types of protocols to provide services. And you should take care that the router is compatible with your provider. The most popular types of protocols today are PPPoE, PPTP and L2TP. In advance, check with your Internet provider what types of protocols it uses. As for Wi-Fi, the situation is the same. The more encryption protocols the router supports, the better (WEP, 802.1x, WPA, WPA2). Note also the transmitter power, which is usually indicated as dBM, and the number of antennas at the router.

    Now, dear readers, you know which Wifi router is better to buy. If you have your own experience of such a purchase, as well as information on the topic that you would like to share with others, feel free to leave comments.

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