• What to buy a scooter?

    Scooter is a great vehicle for regular trips around the city. It provides the ability to avoid traffic jams and quickly get to the right address. It is not surprising that this transport is very popular among the population. That is why many are wondering which scooter is better to buy.

    Types of scooters

    First, you need to consider the main types of this transport. Depending on for what purposes and for whom (an elderly person or young person, boy or girl) a scooter is purchased, you need to pay attention to the types of scooters:

    • mini scooter Its distinctive feature are small wheels (approximately 8 inches in diameter), low weight (not more than 70 kilograms). It is perfect for trips around the city. The maximum speed of this vehicle is limited to 50 km / h. Due to its compact size, such a scooter can even be brought into an apartment using an ordinary elevator.
    • middle scooter. This is a universal solution, suitable for moving not only along urban roads, but also along country roads. Wheel diameter - 12 inches, maximum speed - 90 km / h.
    • heavy scooter.This is the most powerful variety. Such transport develops about 120 km / h. It is ideal for long and long journeys.


    Secondly, if you choose which scooter to buy, then pay attention to its engine. He is a four-stroke and two-stroke. The main advantages of the latter include an impressive power density and low weight. As for the four-stroke power unit, it is advantageously distinguished by an even load at low speed, low fuel costs, and quiet operation.

    Shock absorbers

    When buying a vehicle, be sure to check the shock absorbers. It is important that they do not have any cracks, bends and other damage.

    Air filter

    If you are planning to purchase vehicles for country travel, then pay special attention to the position of the air filter. As practice shows, the higher the air intake is, the better. If it is located low, the owner will have to constantly change the filter, which will significantly increase the cost of operation.

    Front fork

    Also worth checking out the front fork.It is recommended to give preference to models with a pendulum plug. This is due to the fact that it is much more efficiently absorbed during movement on uneven surfaces. As for the telescopic plug, during the trip the driver will feel even the smallest hole, when the plug will fall into it.

    Extra options

    1. Choosing a scooter, try to try it on yourself. You should definitely reach to the ground with your feet when you sit on the seat.
    2. The weight of the vehicle must be such that the driver could put it on a special stand without any help, push and park without any problems.
    3. It is recommended to order models equipped with additional panels. With their help, you can protect your feet from dirt, dust and small pebbles during the ride.

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