• Which stone is suitable for Leo women?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    February 2, 2015
    Which stone is suitable for Leo women?

    The Leo zodiac sign refers to the element of fire, its patron is the Sun, therefore the most suitable stones are warm and sunny translucent gems, and talismans with precious stones of bright red, yellow, orange colors with strong energy are suitable for the Leo woman. Let's understand how to choose a cameo mascot for Lviv women.

    Which stone is suitable

    1. Carnelian has different shades of red, helps a woman-Leo to find his life partner, improves mood and vitality. If a woman will wear jewelry with a cornelian, then she will succeed in all undertakings, as the stone helps in self-realization and makes her mistress self-confident and endows with charisma.
    2. Amber is best to take with you on a journey, it protects against various kinds of accidents, besides it gives a charge of cheerfulness, optimism and vitality. Amber is able to protect against negative energy and the evil eye.
    3. Pomegranate is able to make a woman Leo tender and sensual, raises her self-esteem.Pomegranate is a talisman that helps to improve relations within the family, protects against the spouse’s treason.
    4. Diamond is a strong advocate of Lviv. It is best if a woman wears a diamond jewelry without any other jewelry, as the diamond likes to be the center of attention. For this, he presents his mistress with luck, independence and health.

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