• Who and how to give a tip? Let us specify in which places, to whom and for what it is customary to leave a tip.

    Who and how to give a tip? Let us specify in which places, to whom and for what it is customary to leave a tip.

    Who and how to give a tip?



    It is a pity that in our country they do not recognize the culture of paying tips for timely and high-quality service, and you can often come across the opinion that besides paying your bills you don’t need to pay more. In any other civilized country, it is absolutely not difficult for people to thank the staff for providing quality service, because for most of them this is a large part of their income. Such a wage system in the service sector - the basic salary of employees is very small, and the rest must be earned independently in the form of tips, which should leave satisfied customers. It’s good if the tips make up at least half of the income, otherwise no one will work, regardless of whether the waiter is a regular porter, because the tip is not just for the waiters.


    Who and how to give a tip? Let us specify in which places, to whom and for what it is customary to leave a tip.

    1. In hotels and hotels. When settling into a room, you must tip the porter, who has helped you to bring things into the room. Leaving the hotel, leave a tip to the maids and waiters in the restaurant. You should not give a tip to the left and right, thank only those people who really helped you and served you. Remember that this is the usual way to express your gratitude for the quality of the work provided. In different countries, the amount of the tip may be different; if possible, check this amount with the person who visited this country before you.
    2. The maid who does the cleaning in the room, you most likely will not meet, so you can leave for her thanks on the bedside table or just on the bed. If the cleaning was not done on time or was performed poorly, you can not leave the gratitude, you decide. Do everything at your discretion, but remember that the tips you leave make it possible to get a better and more thorough cleaning, but do not guarantee you a more frequent replacement of bed linen and towels, it depends not on the maid, but on the living conditions in this hotel or hotel, o they must notify you upon arrival.
    3. During lunch or dinner in the restaurant "for tea" it is customary to leave about 10% depending on the amount of the order, but this may be less or more. If the cost of meals is already included in the payment for staying at a hotel, then the waiters can be left as much as you left to clean the room. In any case, the tip for the waiter is a kind of gratitude for good and fast service, and it is up to you to decide in what quantities and in what situations they will be appropriate. Perhaps this waiter will remember you and next time he will hold a good table for you, advise you delicious dishes or drinks, trying to please you.
    4. It is accepted to thank the staff for providing additional services - food delivery to the room, sending mail or fax, buying something, placing an order, etc. If you need to give a tip, specify the name and position of this employee, it is better to put money in an envelope (you can also write and attach a thank-you note), and ask the service personnel to hand it to the reception desk or take it personally, don't forget to sign the envelope. If you can meet this person in person, do not forget to express your gratitude.
    5. In restaurants and bars.Recently, in expensive restaurants, it is customary to immediately include in the bill payment for the services provided by their staff, as a rule, this is the amount of 10% announced by us earlier. If such an amount in the invoice is not specified, the institution reserves for you the right to thank the staff serving you in accordance with your level of satisfaction. How much you are ready to leave for the service provided to you depends only on you. If you do not have small bills, you are not obliged to leave all the money you put into the account "for tea". You can absolutely calmly wait for the waiter, who is obliged to bring you a change and then with this money you must leave the necessary amount, in your form, as a tip, and take the remaining money. As soon as you leave the institution without waiting for the return of the change, your change will be the tip. If you do not like the service, you do not have to leave a tip.
    6. In a taxi. In some countries abroad, tips are often left to taxi drivers. And there is nothing wrong with that. Who would not want to thank the person who took you to the right place at the time? And if you are in a hurry for a train or a plane? Undoubtedly, you will be very pleased that the person tried and drove you to the right place for the minimum amount of time.In this case, gratitude in the form of a tip will be very appropriate. You can simply pay the driver more than previously stipulated and clarify that you don’t need change or, as in the situation with a restaurant, wait for the change and give the taxi driver the amount you need in the form of a reward for a job well done. It is not necessary to give the money in your hands, you can safely put a bill on the dashboard of the car or at any place convenient for you. Before you leave the car, say the words of gratitude again, believe me, it will be very pleasant for a person.
    7. In hairdressing salons and beauty salons. What is important for us is good styling, the right haircut or a beautiful manicure. And if the hairdresser or the master tried his best, you like everything, and you have no complaints, it would not be bad for this person to thank not only with words of gratitude, but also with tips. You can also leave a certain amount before you started working with you, put money on a cabinet or a table, this will be an additional incentive to do quality work. If the work of the master exceeds all your expectations, then as a gratitude you can leave even more, especially if you would like to visit this salon more than once and come to the same master.


    Who and how to give a tip? Now, most people pay with credit cards, but remember that a few small bills in your wallet will not interfere with you, but on the contrary, in the case when you need to thank someone, your cash will be very useful.

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