• Who are fakes?

    Jan Veselova
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    Who are fakes?

    Fakes have become commonplace on the world wide web. But how do you know who the fakes are and what is their meaning? Fake (from the English. Fake) - means false and fake. Most people are familiar with the concept of "fake" through contact. Who are fakie in contact? As a rule, these are several accounts of the same person in one or several social networks. But here it is important to understand that these several accounts, which are called fakes, are turned on by people who do not know a real person, whose photos and information they put on their page on the social network. Thus, using the information of another person, fakes add friends, lead blogs and communicate with people, not on their own behalf, but on behalf of others. Since the victims of fakes are mostly people who have become known or simply stand out with beautiful appearance and some success, fakes will pretend to the last to be them and fake any information. Although in reality they are only "fakes" and will not be able to provide even elementary evidence that they are the real personfor which they are perceived by many users.

    As it has already become known, they copy and create fakes whose you like. But it is especially funny to watch this when creating "fakes" of western stars in the same VKontakte or classmates, when fakes indicate basic information in Russian letters and upload downloaded pictures from the Internet to albums.

    What motivates people who do all this and create fakie? In fact, everyone�s motivation is different: someone with such a goal just wants to have fun, someone thus thinks to damage the image of a public person, and someone wants to cover their fraudulent activity behind someone else�s face, for example spammers, etc.

    After familiarizing yourself with who the fakes are in contact with, you can discover a lot of fake accounts yourself. If this happens, then immediately contact the office of the social network where you found them, then the administration will remove the fake accounts. But if you find them on Facebook, then it will be more difficult to do, because The company is located in the USA and negotiations can last for a long time.

    To summarize and answer the question of who the fakes are,it is enough to recall their main features: a weakly completed questionnaire that was created recently; the lack of photos on the background of his native city; presence of spam on the wall and in the information; too western or too beautiful photos; exotic name and exotic university; no friends and no comments from friends.

    If you got someone's account, and came across several of the above signs, then you are dealing with the so-called "fake".

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