• Who are the punks?

    Angelina Ivanova
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    Who are the punks?

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    Who are the punks?

    All people express their individuality in different ways. Subculture is just one of the ways to show this individuality, but at the same time to be involved in a group of people with similar interests, a common ideology. Today we talk about punks.

    Who are the punks? At the heart of this subculture is the passion for the musical direction - punk rock. This genre originated in the mid-70s of the 20th century in the USA and the UK. It reflected protest against the then forms of rock. The main thing in punk rock is the fervor of early rock and roll and a deliberately primitive game.

    Punks are people who differ in their own culture, style of music, ideology and fashion. The punk ideology is based on the realization of the right of every person to freedom without pressure. Punks are against any manifestation of conformism, they do not accept the political order and culture of mass consumption.

    As for the expression of their commitment to culture in terms of appearance, the punks in a certain way combine their clothes, hairstyles, cosmetics, tattoos and jewelry.But for many punks, appearance is a secondary moment. They dye their hair in bright colors, make Iroquois, needles, use pins and chains in clothes, and studded wristbands in the form of ornaments.

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