• Who are the vampires?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    March 15, 2013
    Who are the vampires?

    There are legends about vampires, songs are written and movies are shot. If you do not know exactly who the vampires are, it will be easy to explain. The real classic vampires, known from time immemorial, are undead, inhuman, dead. Nevertheless, they are considered alive, and are required to feed on the blood of living beings in order to maintain their ghostly immortal life.

    What are vampires afraid of?

    Yes, they have the immortality, which they gain by dying before, like people. According to legends, sunlight, silver bullets, garlic and holy water are destructive for them. These objects kill them for sure and irrevocably.

    There is a special way of burying a vampire. You can protect the world from the resurrection of the vampire by scoring an aspen stake in his heart. Not be superfluous beheading. If this is not done, the vampire will be resurrected to harm the living again and again.

    Modern Vampires

    It is not known whether the classic vampires of old times survived or not. But our contemporaries explain who the vampires are, a little differently than in earlier times.Now there are energy vampires.

    This is due to the concept of the energy structure of the structure of the human body. According to the modern definition, vampires now feed not with blood, but with vital energy. Depriving a person of hers, they weaken him, inflicting the strongest energy strikes that can cause harm.

    Little faith is flourishing now. But if you talked with a girlfriend or a colleague, you feel tired, weakened, you have a headache, pressure has risen, then surely you talked to the energy vampire. Unbelief will not save from harm caused by a vampire, it can save only from a light energy strike.

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