• Who are the witnesses?

    Natalia Basalay
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    Who are the witnesses?

    When investigating a criminal case, situations often arise when witnesses are simply necessary. For example, search, seizure, inspection of the scene, etc. Let's talk, who are understood and why are they still needed?

    The definition of a concept, its rights and obligations are specified in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. So, any individual can be understood. Moreover, such a person who can objectively observe the process, i.e. uninterested; As a rule, there should be 2 or more witnesses. They can not be:

    • participants in the criminal case, their relatives;
    • minors;
    • employees of executive authorities who are associated with operational investigative activities and / or preliminary investigation.

    A witness has the right to be present during an investigative event, to read the protocol, and also to complain about the action / inaction of the inquirer or investigator.

    �The witness cannot disclose the information of the preliminary investigation, as well as he is obliged to appear in court or at the summons of the investigator / investigator.

    The institution of witnesses is necessary for the objective regulation of the investigative process; so that no abuses are committed by officials.

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