• Who jumped with banjo? This is not dangerous? Are there any contraindications?

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    Answered on November 28, 2014 14:15
    When you jump you will be given to sign a paper stating that you do not have diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, mental disorders - it means that it is not safe .. back or neck, then it is the load on them — is it also worth considering whether it is worth the state of health? No, of course, extreme is cool, so many impressions! But I don’t know, but what if the rope doesn’t stand up or blown away by the wind? :) Those who jumped, they say that it’s very much a look and an impression! But who is absolutely healthy and mentally balanced now? :)
    Julie N.
    Julie N.
    Answered on November 28, 2014 14:33
    I always wonder how my leg will not tear. creepy)) would never jump
    Oiratka Elena Frolova
    Oiratka Elena Frolova
    Answered on April 1 03:52
    I would never jump too.

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