• Who will win the Oscar -2018: our predictions

    "Best Movie of the Year"

    This year the contenders for the main film of the year are distinguished by a pleasant genre and style variety. Christopher Nolan’s almost documentary, spacious “Dunkirk” and Joe Wright’s “Dark Times” look from different sides at the most important episode in the history of Great Britain. The typical Sanden film “Lady Bird” has good chances to get the main prize, as well as - suddenly - the satirical horror “Off”. Opportunity to get an Oscar is also available from Ghost Thread, but perhaps academics will give Paul Thomas Anderson only a director's figurine. To select a truly best film among this magnificent nine is difficult. We support the “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” with a story that takes a living, but most likely, the “Form of Water” will win (the film has 13 nominations) - a pretentious tale that divided it into two hostile camps. Guillermo del Toro fans traditionally admire the magical visual, while others criticize the abundance of clichés and artificiality.


    "Lady Bird"
    "Dark times"
    "Form of water"
    "Call me your name"
    "Ghost thread"
    "Secret Dossier"
    "Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri"

    Our choice: "Form of water"

    "Best Director"

    “Sweet Frances”, Greta Gerwig, got into the company to the mastodons of the cinema with her directorial debut “Lady Bird”. Greta again speaks about growing up, this time through the heroine Sirsha Ronan, who left her native city for alluring New York only to ditch her small homeland.
    For Greta, one hit in the Oscar lists is already a big victory. And if she gets a prize, it will be just a holiday. Then Gerwig will be the second female director to receive an Oscar. Agree, this is a good feed to the raging feminism with which the "Oscar" -2018 will be forced to enter into a dialogue.
    But if you evaluate professional labor-intensiveness, then the directorial Oscar is worth Christopher Nolan, who shot his Dunkirk on land, at sea and in the sky.


    Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk
    Jordan Peale, "Off"
    Greta Gerwig, "Lady Bird"
    Paul Thomas Anderson, "The Phantom thread"
    Guillermo del Toro, "The Form of Water"

    Our selection: Christopher Nolan

    "Best Actor"

    Gary Oldman has excellent chances of winning, who played so decisive and asylum Winston Churchill in Dark Times, which made us forget about the layers of makeup (wonderful, by the way). A brilliant actor has not yet received an Oscar, maybe it's his time?
    Daniel Day-Lewis is also traditionally good at Ghostly Thread, which plays like a breath. But our favorite is young Timothy Shalame, who played the quivering Elio in a wonderful drama about love and growing up “Call me with your name”.


    Timothy Shalame, "Call me by your name"
    Daniel Kaluya, "Off"
    Gary Oldman, "Dark Times"
    Denzel Washington, "Roman Israel, Esq."
    Daniel Day-Lewis, "The Ghost Thread"

    Our Choice: Timothy Shalame

    "Best Actress"

    Without a doubt, we give our voice to Francis MacDormand, who played the main role in the film “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”. In Billboards, the actress beat Margey Gandersson from Fargo, with whom she had been associated for the last twenty-three years, and created an image no less strong. Her Mildred has a scorched face, a gait of John Wayne and a fierce thirst for revenge.


    Sally Hawkins, "The Shape of the Water"
    Francis McDormand, "Three Billboards on the Border of Ebbing, Missouri"
    Margo Robbie, "Tonya vs all"
    Sirsha Ronan, "Lady Bird"
    Meryl Streep, The Secret Dossier

    Our selection: Frances McDormand

    "The best film in a foreign language"

    In the list of nominees - the Russian "Nelyubov" Zvyagintsev, and this is a great victory. Even taking into account the artistic features of the domestic nominee, the rest of the films constitute a powerful competition for him. The satirical film "The Square" and the most delicate picture "About the Body and the Soul" have already been awarded the main prizes in Cannes and Berlin.

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