• Why does the husband not want a wife?

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    Why does the husband not want a wife?

    Great marriage is great. But unfortunately, it often happens like this: first, the spouses are fine and smooth, and over time, unpleasant stones come up that can sink a love boat. But fortunately, most of them can be handled. One of these stones - the refusal of the spouse from sex. Why the husband does not want his wife, and what to do in such a situation? The reasons may be completely different. Let's take a look at the most common ones.


    He gets tired. And he can be tired in different ways. For example, a husband works a lot, and in the evening he wants to go to bed as soon as possible, and not to engage in love pleasures. Or is he always initiative and active in bed, and you are only tearing off the fruits of his labor. Naturally, he is also tired of this. The best thing you can do is take part of the initiative. Caress your husband after work, more often have sex in those positions where a woman is active, try to give him pleasure when he relaxes.


    Routine kills romance and desire.Even if you are a clever beauty, at home it is always clean and there is a delicious food, only sex every day - according to the same scheme, then in this case the husband will no longer want you. Men are very sexy by nature, while they love the novelty. Diversify your sex! Options - the sea! Toys, role-playing, new places, erotic lingerie and clothes, new poses. Try to surprise your husband. Think of something for him that he will definitely like, and when he comes home, let him be pleasantly surprised!


    Diseases. Everything is clear here. Sex does not bring joy to a man, so you must first fully recover, and only then reach new sexual heights.

    Lack of attractiveness

    You are no longer interested in your husband sexually. There are also many reasons for explaining this. These can be changes in appearance that make you unattractive. For example, you are very plump. Also, the cause is often female behavior. Quarrels, carping at her husband, criticism of his actions, curses and harsh words - as a result - the well-founded refusal of her husband to have sex. When the relationship of disagreement, then the desire does not arise.What kind of women do men want? Those who look sexy and admire their man. So become this for him!


    My husband has a mistress. This means that she is much more sexy for him than you. Sit and cry is not worth it, roll up tantrums and scenes, too, is not necessary. If you are sure that your husband has a mistress, and want to return him, then you need to act slyly. If the husband is not aware of what you know about the existence of a rival, then let him not know further. Your task is to become more sexual for your husband than she. You must change yourself both in appearance and in behavior. You can follow your mistress, but you do not need to copy her. Carefully study her, and find out what so catches your husband in her. You need to be the same for him, but only a thousand times better.

    Excessive desire

    You are too initiative in bed. A man is by nature a leader, therefore, he should initiate sex more often. When you constantly demand sex from him, you start to do everything first and keep the dominant position in bed, you are laying the beginnings of inferiority in the male psyche. He thinks that he is not able to give you pleasure, therefore he does not want sex either.Throw on the man his main role! Let him feel like a man who lives with a weak and tender woman. There may be another reason: you have a different sexual temperament with your partner. You are more temperamental, he less. This is nature, and it is more dear to go against it. In this case, accept the situation, have sex when you want both, and when your husband does not support you, satisfy yourself with masturbation and various sex toys. And remember, this is no shame!

    How else to fix the situation?

    Look together pornography. Observe what he is looking for and what excites him the most. Try to recreate a similar situation in life. If this is not possible or does not help, it is best to contact a sexologist, he will help solve the problem.

    And finally, try to visit the touchy for a while. This exciting game will help wake up a sexy temperament in her husband. Does he not want sex? You are welcome! You do not do this for a certain amount of time. At the same time, stop insisting on intimacy. You calmly communicate with your husband, but try to meet his eyes in erotic lingerie or in very beautiful exciting clothes. When he wants you, gently give up sex.And when enough time passes (how long it is for you to decide), the husband is so �marinated� that he himself will ask you about sex! And then you just need to support his desire.

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