• Why beat on the pope?

    The topic of why they are beating the pope, and whether it is possible to beat the pope rises often enough. First of all, it interests young parents. Every parent at least once gave the child a pope, and certainly for the cause. For example, a kid in a sandbox begins to take away toys from other kids or starts to make loud tantrums on the street, while he does not understand the words, or rather does not want to understand. In this case, the parents have to resort to such pats. However, not all parents know that this is not worth doing. But why not beat the pope child?

    Why it is impossible to beat the child by the pope

    First of all, you should know that any blow is a sign of your weakness. Dad or mom, who could not cope with themselves, "fall" in the eyes of their child. The kid often draws a conclusion from such a situation that he can take over the parents with his provocative actions. Although sometimes a small slap on the pope is able to calm the crumb. Much worse, if the child begins to perceive physical strength, as the only right way to solve absolutely any problem.In this case, there is a high probability that in the future he himself will begin to use this method in relation to the people around him. Usually a small child begins to give in to his parents because of a feeling of fear, but not because he admits his guilt. Thus, this means that the baby does not learn a lesson from this punishment, so the conflict does not disappear, and sometimes even develops into a serious crisis in the relationship. Therefore, it is not desirable to beat the child by the pope. But if it still happened that you broke off and slapped the baby, then be sure to explain to him the reason for this act. For example, you can say the following words: “I didn’t want to do this, but your not good behavior put me out of myself.” Of course, each parents choose their own ways of educating their children. Many have been beaten by parents in childhood for their bad behavior. So what? Nothing, all grown up healthy and smart. This does not mean that you need to immediately take up the belt, this means that the decision whether to spank on the pope of a child or not, falls entirely on your shoulders. However, it is worth paying attention to that moment that if slapping on the pope has become a common practice for you, then know that it is strictly forbidden to beat on the pope girls who have reached the age of 7 years.Since such slaps can adversely affect the reproductive organs!

    Gently beat on the ass baby

    Many young mummies are interested in why they are beating the pope of a newly born baby? Some even consider this behavior of doctors unacceptable. But, in fact, it must be done. If a newly born baby is silent, it means that it does not breathe. And in order to make his first breath and thereby straighten his lungs, the obstetrician and slaps the baby on the pope.

    Hitting the bottom in our lives

    And so, why slapping babies on the pope is understandable. But why adults can already hit the pope. For example, it is often possible to notice how when watching a football game when a player changes a player is a guy - the guy hits the pope of a player who replaces it. Such a gesture is considered a wish by the players of good luck. Since football is a very traumatic sport, players can often get various injuries on their arms, legs, shoulders, back, and the butt is less prone to injury. Therefore, splashing on the pope, you can be sure that it does not hurt. By the way, some men love to beat a girl on the pope. Psychologists say that it affects the male sex exciting.

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