• Why not sleep in front of the mirror?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    July 30, 2012
    Why not sleep in front of the mirror?

    In the course of its development over the millennia, mankind accumulated the results of observations of the outside world, which eventually turned into brief signs. With the development of society, many signs that science could not give a rational explanation were classified as superstitions. However, are all superstitions so impractical and not worth the attention? After all, the same science is now beginning to make timid statements about the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds, about manifestations in the study of subtle matters and about other facts that it had previously categorically denied.

    People used mirrors from prehistoric times both for domestic and magical purposes. There is a whole layer of accepts associated with mirrors, in particular concerning the question of why you can not sleep in front of the mirror or keep a mirror in the bedroom. And many of these signs will coincide among different nations.It is worth trying to collect different arguments, and only then make a conclusion about whether to leave a mirror in the bedroom.

    • Even in the Middle Ages, interpreters of dreams believed that the power of a vampire was concentrated in mirrors and through the mirror for the night all the best that is in the soul can go.
    • Northern shamans said almost the same thing. They argued that a pair of eyes was watching the sleeper from behind the mirror, as a result of which sleep became bad, and quarrels over trifles occurred in the family.
    • During sleep, the astral body of a person goes to travel and, once in the mirror, may not return from there. Without a soul, the body perishes. Perhaps this is the cause of many sudden and unexplained deaths in a dream?
    • Another argument about why you can not sleep in front of a mirror is interpreted by Feng Shui: mirrors reflect not only sleeping people, but also all the furnishings in the bedroom. And any acute angle has a negative effect on the sleeper. In this case, a sleeping person, who is reflected in the mirror, is waiting for problems. Reflection of the couple will incline both partners to change.

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