• Why not sleep on your stomach?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    March 10, 2015
    Why not sleep on your stomach?

    Many people like to sleep on their stomachs; no matter how hard they try to fall asleep on their backs, nothing comes of them, and as a result they suffer from insomnia. That's just a similar habit for the body does not benefit and can cause future health problems.

    From our article you can find out why you can not sleep on your stomach.

    Harm of sleep on the stomach

    Even in ancient times, people noticed that when a person lies on his stomach, he squeezes the lungs and chest. As a result, such a posture not only complicates breathing, but also interferes with the normal flow of oxygen into the lungs. It has been observed that those who sleep on their stomachs see nightmares more often than people who prefer to sleep on their backs. This is because the heart lacks oxygen for normal functioning.

    It is worth noting that it is especially harmful for women to sleep on their stomachs, since such a position squeezes the mammary glands, and this contributes to the formation of stretch marks, the appearance of folds and an increased likelihood of developing tumors.Moreover, often after sleeping on the stomach a person gets up with a “wrinkled” face, and it is rather difficult to disguise such defects.

    In addition, falling asleep on his stomach, a person exposes himself to danger, because his neck in this position is in an unnatural state, due to which the spine suffers. For this reason, elderly people are strictly forbidden to sleep on their stomachs. After all, such a dream can turn into a stroke and death.

    If a man prefers to sleep on his stomach, then his libido may decrease. Indeed, in this position in the pelvic organs, blood circulation slows down.

    Why pregnant women can not sleep on the stomach?

    Pregnant women are not allowed to sleep on their stomachs after the first trimester, because this posture squeezes the woman’s organs, which means that the baby in the womb also suffers. Moreover, such a dream can turn out for the child in various pathologies.

    However, sleep on the back for pregnant women is undesirable, as many gynecologists say.

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