• Why chat?

    Communication is a process of interpersonal interaction, carried out by individuals to meet those or other needs.

    Read more about what exactly encourages people to communicate, why it is so important for the harmonious development of any person.

    Types of communication

    • Verbal. It is done through speech, one or another language. If you believe the research, then we say really a lot: the average person speaks about 30 thousand words a day.
    • Non-verbal This is the exchange of information through gestures, facial expressions, attitudes.

    And both ways of communication are extremely important, because they complement each other. Moreover, it is sometimes extremely difficult to understand the exact meaning of what was said without seeing the person (that is, in the absence of a non-verbal format of communication). Indeed, depending on the expression of the person speaking, the same words can be interpreted quite differently.

    Why does a person need communication?

    To remain human

    This is perhaps the most important explanation for why you need to communicate. After all, as is known, man is a social, social being.It is important for him to be able to talk, have the culture, knowledge and skills characteristic of Homo Sapiens. Otherwise, it will turn into an animal that has only basic, base needs.

    Science has witnessed cases where children found far from the places of residence of people (apparently lost at a young age) did not know the language, did not possess basic social skills, and in their behavior were likened to animals near which they grew up. That is, despite the fact that much in man is inherent in nature, if he does not have the opportunity to communicate with his own kind, these qualities will not be able to go outside. Accordingly, a person cannot become Homo Sapiens in the full sense of the word.

    To share experiences, knowledge

    The next rationale for why communicate with other people is a mutually beneficial exchange of information about the world, society. Thanks to this, we get almost unlimited access to the knowledge accumulated in the world. After all, what we do not know, will be able to tell and explain other people.

    This opportunity has expanded with the advent of the Internet. At the expense of various sites, forums, social networks, the gnoseological abilities of a person have practically no limits.

    In addition, a person needs to share with the surrounding emotions, feelings, energy. All this is extremely important for the psychological, and hence the physiological health of the individual.

    For networking (business, personal)

    It is impossible to be realized in the professional or personal sphere, without communicating. Only by making new contacts, expanding our social circle, can we move up the career ladder, search and find friends, wait for a meeting with the second half.

    That is why the ability to communicate with different people, feeling comfortable in their society, is so important for a full, rich, vibrant life. You always have someone to ask for help, you have people to consult with, you have someone to follow.

    Sociable people are never alone. Even if they do not have truly loyal, devoted friends who are dear to their loved ones, there are always good acquaintances, friends, colleagues with whom you can spend time.

    For productive work

    As they say, one head is good, but two is better. By joining groups, people get the opportunity to solve problems, to achieve their goals much faster, more efficiently.After all, it is almost impossible for one person to cope with difficult situations, time-consuming work processes, force majeure circumstances, but a cohesive team is quite capable.

    Accordingly, another explanation of why people communicate is the productive integration of the capabilities, skills, and knowledge of individuals engaged in common work and goals.

    For fun

    Agree, it would be quite boring to spend day after day exclusively in the company of a pet. After all, you will not play with the cat in the console, do not go shopping, you will not make merry gatherings on Saturday evening, you will not celebrate on February 14 in a romantic atmosphere ...

    But all this is possible if we have friends, relatives, loved ones. And although today there are a lot of entertainment available online, none of them can replace the joy of live communication.

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