• Why customers leave

    ������1. No customer base A good customer base is the basis of a successful business. A company that collects customer contacts gains an advantage in the market because it periodically reminds customers about itself. 2.. The actions of competitorsOther firms may offer the same product, but improve the sales process. To do this, introduce the ability to order goods by phone, via the Internet; with delivery to your home or office, etc. 3. Product Aging The product's life cycle includes four stages: market launch, growth, maturity and decline. When the product passes the last stage, the activity of buyers sharply decreases, regardless of the actions of competitors. Unsuccessful location of the store. For customers who value time, the geographical location of the store is crucial. Gradually suchcustomers�find other opportunities to purchase the right product. Rudeness of sellers Unfortunately, the inability to communicate with customers is not a rare occurrence. Customers feel humiliated and do not want to come to the store again.6.Insufficient qualifications of sellers The buyer does not have to know everything about the product, how to connect it, etc. If sellers cannot be good consultants, the next purchase will take place elsewhere.7. There are no necessary payment methods. To not withdraw money from a plastic card,customers�Prefer not to go to stores where you can only pay in cash. Large selection of substitute products. Replacement goods attract the attention of buyers with low prices and new qualities. Substitutes car - motorcycles, bicycles, taxi services.9. Other reasons The market is changing rapidly, new production technologies and product promotion are emerging, and with them new reasons for leaving customers. To clarify the situation will help the survey of former buyers, whose contacts are preserved in the customer base. In order not to lose customers, it is necessary to actively maintain feedback in order to react in time to changes in needs, tastes and moods.

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