• Why do people forget?

    It's not a secret that all people forget something once. In some, this happens more often, in others less often. Some people remember in detail the events of twenty years ago, while others can not remember what happened yesterday morning. Why is this happening and what factors contribute to such forgetfulness? In this article we will explain why people forget any information.

    How is “forgetting”

    The function of our brain, thanks to which some events take root in our memory and others disappear, has not been studied enough today to make an irrefutable judgment about it. However, scientists agree that it is precisely “forgetting” that our memory needs in order to absorb new information and knowledge. It turns out that our brain is cleared of unnecessary memories, at the same time freeing up space for new ones.

    In fact, if a person remembered everything, he would have to have unlimited memory. Many events and information that is losing relevance for us, goes to a different compartment. True, sometimes we can bring her back.For example, we can completely forget about something and not remember over the years, but a certain association will revive the memory and how would illuminate the mind.

    According to recent studies conducted in Switzerland by neuroscientists, a certain enzyme affects the destruction of information in our brain. Scientists conducted experiments on mice bred with the help of genetic engineering. In their bodies, a substance was produced that inhibited the enzyme. These animals, unlike ordinary mice, better assimilated and memorized skills. Experts suggest that widespread forgetfulness among the elderly can also be associated with increased synthesis of this enzyme.

    Why is “forgetting”

    Despite the fact that we all forget something in life, the degree of forgetfulness is different for everyone. And it is due to different factors. For example, increased fatigue and poor sleep can take first place in this list. And if you take into account the constant (sometimes for days and especially at night) work at the computer, then memory problems will not keep you waiting. When a person performs a lot of work, he is in parallel chatting with friends in the chat,he watches a movie or video, and at the same time reads the news online and at the same time has little rest - this can not but affect his brain.

    The hard work of the brain once fails, and this is reflected in the memory. The abundance of all sorts of information requires the constant release of space for it. It turns out that some knowledge replace others with greater speed than is necessary. Therefore, a person can forget not only the events of the past week, but also why he came to the kitchen.

    Forgetfulness and contribute to stressful situations, anxiety, fears and other negative emotional states. They force out almost everything else from memory and leave mostly thoughts about themselves.

    And sometimes it is required, on the contrary, to forget something.

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