• Why do we need laws?

    Laws allow, allow or forbid a person to perform any actions. A man was born, and he was already given certain rights and responsibilities. Every year he is becoming more and more aware of and aware of them. And he has a sense of responsibility towards society. What is the meaning of the laws, why are they needed?

    The need for laws

    Does anyone not understand why we need laws? This is a very simple question, if you delve into it. Laws are needed to maintain order in society and in relations between people. If there were no laws, anarchy and lawlessness would reign. And we can imagine the dire consequences if the laws did not exist.

    There are different laws - physical, moral, ethical, spiritual. Man is very dependent on them. Violation of some will lead to sad consequences immediately, and others through time.

    And every society, culture, civilization has its own laws. For example, for one thing, and also a crime in different countries will be punished differently. But they pursue one goal, to protect and protect the lives of citizens and re-cultivate the culprit. That's what laws are for.

    State laws

    This category of laws is needed by the state in order to regulate the activities of citizens Namely, they contribute to their well-being and good order in society. There are a lot of such laws. This is also the law on education, on the protection of consumer rights, the law on the police, on the subsurface of the earth and others. To deliberately violate them is to resist the government itself.

    The idea of ​​laws is good in itself. Goals, as we have seen, are noble. It remains only to stick to them. To understand why the state needs laws, imagine a family. The head of the family is the father, he expects understanding, love, respect and fulfillment of certain duties from all members. He very much hopes for cooperation, because it concerns the welfare of the whole family. Moreover, the father is responsible for the atmosphere in the house, for raising children. And how nice to see the coordinated work of the whole family. At the same time, harmony, peace and understanding will reign in the house.

    Similar happens in the state. If every inhabitant does at least something for a normal life, the society will be strong, but if not, the consequences will be similar to the Roman Empire.Being strong and powerful, she passed the position of the empire, only because of the destruction of the fortress of the families of which it was composed.

    Children should know the laws too.

    Even at school, everyone knows that not knowing a law does not exempt a person from responsibility for a crime or a violation of human rights, which is why you need to comply with the laws. In order for our children to be well versed in this, there are a number of subjects in the school on which some features of the laws are discussed. For example, in a social science lesson, students are even offered to write an essay about why laws are needed. And let them write about what is law for them at the time of writing, the main thing is that they understand their necessity.

    Well, what could our young people write? Someone could describe a series of rules according to which he and many of his classmates live. If he is rollerblading, he uses the rules of the road on a bicycle. And he imagines that it would be if the cars went to the intersection where the traffic lights do not work. The word "traffic jam" already includes the imagination in such a young mind. Everyone swears, shout at each other, but it's impossible to go anyway.But when the traffic light comes on, the traffic is immediately regulated. And some cars go straight, others - to the left, and others - to the right. Traffic jams are no longer because the rules started working.

    And laws are rules too. Only they establish order not on the road, but in the country. And although it is not possible to know all the laws, they need to understand why they are needed, all residents should.

    The importance of compliance

    Maybe someone does not want to live according to foreign laws, however - it is necessary. I want my own rules - tailored for themselves, but not given. That is how people represent freedom. But this is imaginary freedom, it does not give satisfaction and joy in life. It is still better to be in a society where order exists. And this order is achieved only through compliance with state, physical and other laws.

    Observing physical laws, we do not resist them, do not neglect intentionally? Knowing the law of force, we do not rush down from the cliff, because we will definitely be killed to death! So why resist other important laws?

    We cannot be completely free, because our body has its own natural needs. And we, in turn, depend on the world around us.Already it limits us, but does not infringe. And if each person moves within these limits, he will only benefit.

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