• Why do you want to eat?

    Let's understand why I always want to eat, even when we are full. It should be noted that there may be several reasons, and they are all different.

    Chronic lack of sleep

    It turns out that one of the main reasons why you want to eat all the time is your dream. The fact is that when a person gets tired, his body greatly decreases the level of a special protein called leptin, which performs the function of regulating our appetite. Accordingly, this protein regulates the weight of the human body. As a result of regular lack of sleep, the calories in the body are burned more slowly, and the feeling of hunger, on the contrary, increases. It also increases the level of cortisone, which increases your body's need for carbohydrates, which leads to the accumulation of fatty tissues.

    Not enough nourishing food

    If, for example, to take the average woman, according to scientists, she needs to eat about one and a half kilograms of food per day in order to feel satiety. Men - a little more. If you ate less food per day, hunger is immediately felt.In order to get rid of this feeling and at the same time not recover, you can eat food that contains few calories, is rich in fiber and water. It is digested longer and provides volume. An example is grapefruit.

    Poor carbohydrate diet

    If you eliminate from the diet a very large amount of carbohydrates, then this is a direct answer to the question of why you want to eat a lot. Of course, this moment concerns only those people who adhere to diets. The fact is that if you do not eat carbohydrates during lunch, usually compensate for their content in the body at a later time. Lack of carbohydrates causes a decrease in serotonin levels, which, in turn, leads to increased appetite.

    Large plates

    Usually, we understand why you want to eat, looking at a large plate with food. The food looks beautiful, tasty, there are so many on the platter! But remember that the more food a person has before his eyes, the more he eats. As a result, you can not calculate the appropriate portion, the stomach does not have time to submit information to the brain about saturation, and you already “devour” the entire plate. When a person becomes accustomed to large portions, the stomach expands, requiring more and more food.

    Food in front of the TV

    Another reason why I always want to eat is connected with watching TV. On the advice of scientists, you can not eat when watching TV and movies. It seems that there is nothing wrong with this, but in fact, after many studies, it turned out that when you get used to eating at the TV screen, your brain gets used to it. And every next time you go to watch TV, you unconsciously start thinking about food, even if you don’t need food at the moment.

    Lots of chocolate

    Perhaps it will be a novelty for you, but chocolate develops a feeling of hunger. About this also learned English scientists. The more chocolate you eat on an empty stomach, the more you will want it later. In addition, often after a sweet you want salty food, and this increases the feeling of hunger.

    Critical days

    Why do you want to eat before menstruation? This question is asked by many women who have a strong feeling of hunger just before the next menstruation. It is all about the hormonal changes that occur in a woman’s body during this period. Before the onset of menstruation, the amount of hormones produced by the body significantly increases.They, in turn, affect the secretion of gastric juice, the amount of which grows in the stomach in proportion to the amount of hormones in the body. Food is digested much faster, and you want to eat more. Accordingly, the feeling of hunger appears faster. Eating at this time you want both sweet and salty - it all depends on the individual qualities of the body.

    Calcium, copper or zinc deficiency

    We should also consider the question of why I want to eat chalk. Many people have a regular need not for tasty and nourishing food, but for chalk (although it is just a very tasty food for them). If you want chalk, then the body does not have enough calcium. The brain thus sends you signals, and it seems that chalk is extremely tasty. You can replace it with tablets that contain calcium. This should not be neglected, because calcium plays an important role in vital activity.

    When you do not want to eat

    There are also situations when you do not even want to eat. Why do not want to eat? The reasons, in fact, can be just as many. The main ones are the lack of exercise during the day and a sedentary lifestyle,eating small and imperceptible portions throughout the day, poisoning with another product or alcohol (in this case, the body restores the intestinal microflora and does not want a new food), glut, psychological factor.

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