• Why does a modern woman need a fur coat?

    Ivan Fofanov
    Ivan Fofanov
    June 14, 2018
    Why does a modern woman need a fur coat?

    Why self-respecting business woman is better to buy a set for sewing coats, and not a finished product made of sable? What are the advantages of fur and style before a modern woman before a fur coat? They say the experts of the company BlackSable.

    Wanting to become the owners of an immaculate, ideally sitting fur coat, many women spend an inordinate amount of time searching for ready-made options. BlackSable experts offer a much more rational way out: purchase a fur coat and sew the coat of your dreams to order. Consider the advantages of such a solution.

    Quality fur - the main condition for the best fur

    Under the fur coat set is meant the material from which the fur product will be subsequently sewn. It is perfectly matched, completely ready for stitching skins.

    Each master working with fur knows how important the quality of this raw material is - it more than half determines how well the finished fur coat will look, how comfortable it will be in wearing and how long it will serve its owner.However, when buying a finished product, the quality of the source material is much more difficult to determine - there may be shortcomings in places that will not be visible during the inspection, but will become noticeable later. By purchasing a fur coat set, the buyer eliminates any chance of a marriage of fur, as it can carefully inspect and evaluate each pelt on both sides and verify its excellent quality. In this case, you should know the main features of high-quality fur:

    • Each skin should be not just pleasant to the touch, but light and elastic
    • The pile should not peel off either at the edge of the finished product or at the center.
    • All the fur in the set should be uniform - that is, one shade and length
    • There should be no stains, scuffs, holes or other defects on the back of the skins.

    Coat collection - the best option for a perfect fur coat

    In addition to the fact that the fur coat set includes exceptionally high-quality fur, it has one more feature: it is the individual skins that are included in the fur coat sewing kit, and not the cut out details of a certain thing. That is, such a set is a kind of “constructor” from which a professional furrier can assemble not one single model of a fur coat, but a product of any cut that the customer wishes.The result will in any case be unique - as there is an opportunity to tailor the product according to the customer’s sketches and according to individual measurements.

    And, besides, the fur coat set can be considered a reasonable investment in your own style and image! After all, for a modern successful woman to wear high-quality, perfectly selected fur is a great addition to the image. Therefore, individual tailoring of a fur coat made from high-quality sable fur is the best solution that allows you to get the very coat that you dreamed about!

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