• Why does not work avito?

    Evgeny Fogov
    Evgeny Fogov
    March 11, 2015
    Why does not work avito?

    The site is one of the most popular sites among the sites for the sale of various goods. Many companies place their ads, as well as people who want to sell this or that thing. Among these sites Avito is the most frequently visited. In this regard, our article is devoted to the problem, which is the lack of user access to the entrance to this site. Next, we consider why Avito does not work.

    Problems logging in to avito.ru

    This recommendation is offered by the site itself Avito.

    You can go to the "Start" menu and select the command line. You can call it by typing the cmd key combination. After that you will need to enter the code route-f. Click "OK" and restart your computer.

    However, in addition to them, we recommend using the following instructions.

    If you find that when you enter Avito’s website, only a blank page opens, then a hacker attack may be performed on the site. The so-called ddos. However, it is possible that your ip-address is blocked by the administrator.As a rule, this is typical for those users who use the Internet from the Beeline company.

    You can use the following list of anonymizers that will help to hide your true ip-address:

    These services replace your ip-address with another one. Thus, the site will take you for another person. However, it is not recommended to use these services all the time. It is better to write to the support service that your ip-address was blocked for some reason. Otherwise, your computer can be calculated by mac-address.

    Then the blocking will take place exactly at the mac-address regardless of your ip-address. Some of these anonymizers may not work, as they fall under the blocking filter.

    For help, you can also contact the official group of Vkontakte.

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