• Why does the stomach hurt?

    The main reason why our stomach hurts is not only in violation of the rule of Socrates, which says that “You need to eat in order to live and not live in order to eat”, but also in the absence of basic food hygiene.

    Cause of stomach pain

    How not to twist, but all the same that enters us in the stomach is the main cause of its disease. It follows that the first thing we need is what kind of food we eat and what kind of liquid we drink! What kind of food do we eat - were asked such a question? It is easy to find out, standing at the checkout in the supermarket, looking in his basket or a neighbor's basket. I think that what you have gathered there can be thrown out in half, since even the supermarket sells 70% of what is not needed. This is a digression for your internal analysis.

    So why does the stomach ache after eating?

    Consider some moments of nutrition. You should always eat only fresh food and freshly prepared! Our stomach feels heavy in the process of digesting stale food, and the next day may be unwell. As they say, do not save on health,and invest in it (especially in the stomach)! But, here you can go to the other extreme - eating! Even if your food is fresh, but you eat it in a huge amount - it will bring no less harm than any other and your stomach, not coping with the mass that has entered it, will start to pass over and over again, disrupting the balance of the acidic and alkaline environment, which will begin to cause discomfort, burning and even pain in it! And here it is appropriate to recall the words of Suvorov, who said to keep the stomach in hunger, eat a little, but not satiating! Then the stomach will be easy to digest. You should also not eat immediately before bedtime, because the stomach can digest food only when it is upright. In the supine position, the acidic and alkaline environment along with food is mixed, and form a "soup", and this mass floats in your stomach all the time you sleep, without being able to be processed! As a result, the stomach walls are eroded, which causes gastritis and various ulcers over time, but this does not happen for a couple of days, and there is still time to correct your stomach! Now, you can guess why the stomach hurts after eating!

    Food must be properly combined

    Some foods do not always fit together, for example, everyone's favorite meat! It is difficult to digest, and therefore the stomach needs help! Greens and vegetables are a wonderful combination to him, especially onions, because he takes out the excess urea that comes to us from meat! You can also use various sauces on a natural basis and alkaline liquids, such as red and black, tea or red wine - here I advise you to turn to traditional cuisines of Asia and Europe, which by the way have recently learned what stomach pain is and why the stomach hurts, as a result of the arrival of fast food!

    Then the food must be balanced! Do not eat too fatty, dry, salty, sweet, spicy foods. The main harmony! Otherwise, again there is an overabundance of one and a shortage of the other, and we must help the digestion of the stomach.

    The next item is related to another factor in answering the question why the stomach hurts after eating and what we drink is the acceptance of alcohol. Here everyone understands that it should be of high quality and should not be too much of it, again, measure! And then he will thank you, letting you enjoy the taste of the sun vine! By the way, with the help of wine, you can cure various diseases of the stomach, there are even entire clinics, these are successfully practitioners, and they are located in Europe.

    Summarizing the above, we see that the cause of stomach pains is the lack of proper eating, which causes various pains and diseases of the stomach!

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