• Why does video slow down?

    Does the video load badly online or incorrectly reproduced through various players? Consider several common causes of such difficulties.

    Video is not loaded on the Internet: reasons

    • The simplest reason why video is slowed down in a browser is the low speed of signal transmission from the network to your computer. But the factors that can provoke this problem are different. For example, you may have a cheap, and therefore slow in terms of the speed of the Internet package. If you want online video and games to fly, then order a more expensive rate from your provider. You can check the speed on. However, sometimes the speed can be low even with a solid tariff plan. In this case, it is possible that your provider provides speed less than promised. If you are trying to open a movie in HD or especially Full HD, then simply choose a more modest resolution. The picture at the same time will be less beautiful, but you calmly watch the video and at an average Internet speed.
    • The reason why video slows down may be an outdated version of a browser or flash player. Update them: browser - via the settings menu, and the flash player can be downloaded from.
    • The power of your processor and / or RAM is not enough for all the available programs, applications, etc. to work correctly. As a result, the video, music, the Internet, and the computer itself hangs. Free up RAM and processor memory so that the system runs faster. At a minimum, you can clear the list of programs for startup. This can be done with a very useful and easy to manage program CCleaner. You can download it. In the future, try not to install utilities on your PC that exceed its technical capabilities, or update hardware.

    Freezes video in player

    • There are problems with the video card. Perhaps the drivers for it "got crooked," "flew off" or were not installed at all. Uninstall utilities, download and install new ones. Also, very often this element of the computer hardware, or rather the cooling fan, is simply dirty. Disconnect the device from the mains (!), Take the available tools and clean the part properly.It is very convenient for this to use a regular vacuum cleaner. If the video card is older than 4-5 years, then it will be useful to replace thermal grease, otherwise you will not avoid overheating.
    • Dirty, and therefore overheat, causing numerous problems in the computer (including video lag), may be the chips of the motherboard and processor. They also need to regularly pay their attention.
    • A very common reason why video slows down when viewed through a player is outdated video codecs. They are responsible for the correct display of clips on the computer. If the video series does not go or freezes, then it will be easiest to install a new K-Lite Codec Pack Mega on a PC. You can download it. The package contains both an "omnivorous" player and all the necessary utilities for it. It is very easy and convenient to install the program and use it.
    • Viruses can slow down the system, the Internet, individual programs, remove drivers for video. Regularly scan your PC for these pests, otherwise you will not avoid serious problems. Moreover, it is better to work with paid services - they are more functional and provide good protection.

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