• Why dream of a forest?

    August 6, 2012
    Why dream of a forest?

    The forest is an important element of many legends, fairy tales and myths. It is possible to hide from the dangers, and you can get lost. If you are haunted by a dream in which there was a forest, try to find an explanation for yourself.

    Deciphering dreams about forests

    In many ways, the interpretation of the dream (any) depends on the context (what kind of forest, what did you do there, general emotional background, etc.). Taking into account the context will allow you to understand what the dream of the forest is specifically for you.

    • Forest in a dream - a difficult situation in reality. Confusion or a sense of hopelessness.
    • You see the forest from the side - you may soon have to make an important decision.
    • I dreamed a fire in the forest - monetary losses. As an option - not really good shopping.
    • A bare forest can dream of a stalemate.
    • Flowering forest in a dream tells - wait for changes in life.
    • The forest can be considered as a shelter. So can your inner state just scream for help? Think about whether you want to be alone with yourself? Hide from everyday life?

    Read dreams, remembering that this is your dream and it is up to you to decide what it suggests.

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