• Why dream of a skirt?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 7, 2013
    Why dream of a skirt?

    Today, the interpretation of dreams has become so popular that we are trying to discover the secret of each image in a dream. Although psychologists say that in a dream they come out of the subconscious, everything that we block in real life from fear or rejection. But in that case, how then to explain the fact that so often dreams tell us about previous events? In this article we will tell about all existing assumptions, what the skirt dreams about.

    Various dream books and their interpretation

    Dream interpretation by Z. Freud

    In his time, Z. Freud advanced theories based on sexual attraction, for which he is still criticized. Immediately, we note that in his whole life Freud had only 3 clients, on the basis of which he made similar conclusions about dreams. Therefore, his ideas about dreams, are far from all. But we can also say that with respect to some people, he is still right.

    • If in a dream, you wear a skirt on yourself - for men such a dream may mean that he would like to try being a woman, for women - she will experience lesbian love.
    • If you dream of sewing a skirt in a dream, you are closed to other people, so it’s worth being more trusting.

    Erotic dream book

    It matters who dreamed of a skirt.

    • For a man, the desire to possess a certain woman;
    • For a woman, love adventures will soon occur.

    Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

    • As for what dreams of a new skirt - a person can not forget the past;
    • If in a dream you wear a skirt - a meeting with your loved one;
    • If you blurred your skirt in a dream - your relationship with your loved one is unequal.

    Esoteric dream book

    • If in a dream the skirt is elegant and fluffy - you are taken advantage of;
    • If in a dream the skirt is dirty or torn - your loved one is cheating on you;
    • If the skirt is of a short length, you will find yourself in a stupid position.

    Dream Dream

    • With regard to the actual question of what dreams of a long skirt - sex appeal.
    • Short skirt - you do not give out sexual desires.
    • If in a dream you wear a skirt - for a man it means shame, for a woman - a date.

    All these statements of various dream books are similar, since in any case such a dream is about changes and new events in your life.By the way, with regard to the rather popular question of what a white skirt dreams about, this most likely indicates that you will be given unexpected instructions or colleagues will ask for help.

    It is impossible to say with certainty that the dream books are accurate in everything, but often this happens. Therefore, being engaged in the interpretation of your dreams, do not take to heart all the statements, but do not forget about them in order to be ready for the upcoming events.

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