• Why dream of a white mouse?

    February 18, 2015
    Why dream of a white mouse?

    Many believe that dreams send us some signs, a warning about the future in the form of symbols. If you believe in it, then surely you often look into dream books. Today we will talk about the dream of a white mouse, which promises a mouse-like dream in the future.

    Below are the favorable and not very interpretation of sleep with a white mouse.

    White mouse in a dream: what?

    • A white mouse in a dream very often means some troubles, confusion, some intractable problems and troubles in the future. If the mouse is small, then the nuisance will also be small. Perhaps you somehow unpleasantly surprised. Be careful in reality, do not tell a lot about yourself, be wary of new acquaintances.
    • If a white mouse dreams of a young woman, then she should be wary of ill-wishers (which she probably has), as they are plotting something evil.
    • If the white mouse flees from the cat, then the danger and trouble can be avoided.
    • The white mouse is a symbol of health problems, in particular, for example, with teeth.

    But there are also positive interpretations of sleep with a white mouse (white mice):

    • If you dreamed of a white bat, then soon you will be a great success.
    • The white mouse is a symbol of a strong and happy marriage.
    • The more white mice in a dream, the better - the more good and pleasant awaits you ahead.

    As you can see, the interpretation of sleep is twofold. Often they say that you need to monitor your emotions during a dream. So, if in a dream you felt anxious or experienced other negative emotions, then the dream can be interpreted as bad. Positive emotions, on the contrary, indicate the opposite.

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