• Why dream of salt?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    March 17, 2015
    Why dream of salt?

    To interpret a dream in which the salt dreams is very difficult. Many dream books differ on what dreams of salt. The more details the dreamer can recall, the more accurate the interpretation will be.

    Why see salt in a dream?

    A woman who sees salt in a dream will soon experience many disappointments and disappointments. If the salt was iodized, health problems are possible. For a man to see salt, especially sea salt, is a good business venture.

    A girl who pickles meat will soon discover the dishonesty of a loved one.

    Seeing a person sprinkling salt is interpreted differently. One interpretation suggests that such a dream means the appearance in your environment of a person who will bring big problems. Another interpretation: a person who sprinkles salt in a dream will greatly delight and impress you.

    A lot of salt in a dream is interpreted as a complex tense situation, which, however, can result in changes that are significant to the dreamer, including for the better.

    If in a dream you feel salt in your mouth, you should be careful in your words.Perhaps a careless phrase will cause big problems. Sprinkle salt in a dream, especially for family people, to quarrels, squabbles and scandals. Also, such a dream can mean a good deal for businessmen.

    Favorable sign is considered to buy salt. Such a dream promises prosperity, happiness, material wealth. If a man buys salt, this may promise him a romantic acquaintance or a profitable start to his business.

    If you collect salt in a dream, then soon you will have the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. Be careful not to miss this chance.

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